Those who practice Brahmacharya, or semen retention and Nofap, by keeping their thoughts pure, develop the resilience to endure challenges and the courage to tackle them boldly. They possess zest, faith, good manners, stable reasoning, mental fortitude, and a keen interest in the task at hand. Their words are infused with both sweetness and power, making concentration effortless and allowing them to successfully complete even the longest and most demanding of tasks. These qualities lift a person to the peak of success and ensure their overall well-being and real happiness.

Purity, as the saying goes, is the source of peace and prosperity, and according to scripture, the discharge of semen is death while its conservation is life. Lord Shiva is said to have declared that success in all aspects depends on celibacy. Hence, one should strive to maintain celibacy to attain all that they desire. Brahmacharya is the key to unlocking these hidden benefits and becoming a successful person.

Confidence Boost:

Practicing Brahmacharya can lead to an increase in energy and confidence levels. Shyness will be replaced by a newfound comfort in one’s own skin. However, it is important to note that this newfound confidence may also lead to conceit, so caution is advised.

Confidence and Fearlessness:

Practicing Brahmacharya and retaining semen can lead to a significant reduction in fear and increase in confidence. In challenging or dangerous situations, one is able to remain calm and handle the situation with care and composure instead of succumbing to panic. This can lead to a stronger sense of masculinity and self-assuredness. However, it’s important to note that excessive confidence can sometimes lead to conceitedness, so it’s important to remain mindful and humble.

Improved Memory:

Practicing semen retention can lead to a better memory. You will find it easier to retain information and recall forgotten memories, even from the distant past. Not only that, you may also have a clearer recall of old dreams. This results in a sharpened mind, and an enhanced ability to remember things.

Improved Vision:

The practice of semen retention leads to a significant improvement in eyesight. Not only does your vision improve, but also the resilience of your eyes. You can work on your computer for extended periods without experiencing eye strain or blurred vision. Ancient wisdom states that “masturbation causes blindness,” and while this may hold some truth, there is indeed a correlation between the two. Additionally, the floaters in your eyes may reduce or even disappear entirely.

The Vitality of the body increases:

Practicing Brahmacharya will result in a more flexible and supple body. Observe how young children possess a high level of flexibility; this is because they have not depleted their vital force as much as adults. A strong and flexible physique is a hallmark of preserving one’s vitality.

Bliss and Contentment:

The practice of semen retention will bring you a sense of bliss and contentment, leading to a decrease in attachment to worldly pleasures. At times, the bliss can be so profound that it causes a disinterest in everything around you. To enhance this blissful state, it’s recommended to practice self-inquiry. The bliss is similar to the pleasure gained from sexual activity but on a more refined and subtler level. Furthermore, this bliss is continuous and provides a revitalizing effect on the body.

Improved Immunity:

The practice will elevate your body’s energy reserves, making it easier for the body to tackle illnesses. It’s possible that the frequency of illnesses may temporarily increase in the initial stages of practicing, but this is likely due to the body healing itself. In due time, everything will improve and you will enjoy better health.

Reduced Worry:

Practicing Brahmacharya will lead to a significant reduction in worry and stress. You will find it harder to worry as you begin to feel a sense of peace and contentment. This will provide you with a sense of security, allowing you to approach difficult situations with confidence and composure, rather than being consumed by worry.

Improved Intuition and Spontaneous Understanding:

Your mind becomes sharp and attuned, allowing for easy grasping of new concepts. You will start to comprehend things instinctively, without the need for deliberate thought. Answers will flow to you naturally, with little effort on your part.

Lack of Anger/Irritability:

As your inner peace grows, so does your sense of bliss. This blissful state makes it nearly impossible to feel angry. Suddenly, everything appears to be in order and nothing seems to bother you anymore.


An indescribable sense of inner calm will develop within you. The practice of Brahmacharya naturally cultivates the virtue of patience within you. From a psychological perspective, students who are addicted to sexual activities tend to be unsuccessful in their studies, in contrast to those who maintain Brahmacharya. This is because the minds of the latter are not clouded by unnecessary thoughts, but remain calm and focused. They are not easily tempted by external influences, and are as steadfast as the North Star. They are not easily swayed by excitement and do not experience the fatigue associated with indulgence. As a result, their attention is not dispersed, but remains centered on their goals and ambitions, leading to remarkable achievements.

Brahmacharya(Semen Retention) can bring many positive changes to one’s life, including inner peace, patience, and a sharp mind. By avoiding the distractions and temptations associated with sexual activities, one can focus on their goals and aspirations, leading to remarkable results.