semen retention nofap

For individuals who have embraced Brahmacharya at the physical level, abstaining from sexual acts and controlling their thoughts and emotions, it’s essential to maintain this discipline in thoughts, words, and actions. Physical repression alone can lead to mental and physical disorders. The sexual energy is a powerful force that can be harnessed for creative and productive purposes.

Erections during sleep at night are a normal occurrence, even for those practicing Brahmacharya. These happen during REM sleep, on average, every 90 minutes, and typically last around 25 minutes, which is the length of an episode of REM sleep. Erections during sleep are not a result of sexual arousal or related to anything one may have been doing during the day.

Expulsion of semen during sleep, on the other hand, is often a result of unfulfilled sexual desires in the waking state. It may also be due to a prostate infection leading to sporadic production of prostatic fluid.

Diseases or abnormalities are an indication of negative karma caused by past misdeeds. The journey of Brahmacharya is a path towards purity and divinity. To ascend higher, negative karma stored in one’s karmic account must be worked out. Some karmas may be so strong that the only way to cleanse them is through suffering.

If you are facing any health concerns, it is advisable to seek competent medical treatment before focusing on your spiritual journey. Your health and well-being should always be your top priority.