About Pranaman(Creator of this blog)

I am Pranaman, practicing Semen Retention(Brahmacharya & NoFap) along with the study and practice of a life of ‘Yoga’ aimed at self-realization.

My aim through this blog is to share with fellow readers, matters concerning self-realization/Brahmacharya to the extent of my knowledge.

I thank God for having been kind enough in giving me what little success I have had in the practice of Brahmacharya. Reaching continued states of celibacy, no doubt calls for constant effort, but the will, grit and determination required is supplied by none other than the Blessed lord. Our efforts and struggles pale in comparison to the kindness, consideration, compassion, and patience god shows to the aspirant celibate like a loving mother who intently teaches the little child with never ending patience and waives off the child’s outbursts of anger and immaturity with unconditional love and presence.

Beyond this, there isn’t anything much in my endeavour worth writing or talking about. I consider myself a striving student of celibacy like anyone else out there, keeping a vigil against the senses, praying to God for continued success and thanking him for having given the jewel called Brahmacharya.

Enjoy, friends.



if you have any question related Brahmacharya feel free to ask in the comment section.