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Welcome to “Semen Retention Benefits,” Blog

Welcome to “Semen Retention Benefits,” blog a comprehensive guide to the practice of semen retention and its potential benefits for men’s health and wellbeing.

Semen retention is an ancient practice that has been utilized by cultures around the world for centuries. It involves abstaining from ejaculation and conserving one’s semen for a period of time, typically through meditation, yoga, or other forms of spiritual practice.

While semen retention was originally used as a means of enhancing one’s spiritual or sexual energy, recent scientific research has revealed a host of potential physical and psychological benefits associated with the practice.

In this blog, we’ll explore the various benefits of semen retention, including increased energy levels, enhanced sexual performance, improved mental clarity, and more. We’ll also examine the science behind these benefits, as well as tips and techniques for incorporating semen retention into your daily routine.

Whether you’re new to the practice or a seasoned practitioner, “Semen Retention Benefits” has something to offer for everyone. So join us on this journey of discovery and learn how semen retention can help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Please note that modern terms like “NoFap,” “Semen Retention,” “Seed Retention,” and “Sperm Retention” are all related to an ancient practice called “Brahmacharya” or “The Practice of Brahmacharya.” In this text, the author may use these modern terms interchangeably with “Brahmacharya” to refer to this practice. While the meaning may be similar, there may be slight differences between the actual practice and the modern terms used to describe it. So, don’t get confused when you see these words and terms used in the text, the author is referring to the “The Practice of Brahmacharya” throughout.

The Secret Practice Men Need to Return

Basics of Semen Retention

The beginning is where men need to return to make the changes necessary for success in life. It’s time to decide what you really want, who you really are, and what you plan to do with the wealth of information I will teach you throughout this book.

It is recommended to keep the practice of Brahmacharya (Semen Retention) a secret. Brahmacharya, being a divine and virtuous mode of life, is sacred and not a topic to be shared or discussed with everyone. A successful celibate man always practices Brahmacharya in secret and keeps it as a divine relationship between himself and God. Only a foolish man boasts or talks about his Brahmacharya with others, which will undoubtedly end in a break.

Something interesting that others may not know:

Brahmacharya and celibacy are not the same. Celibacy is simply abstinence from sexual activity, while Brahmacharya refers to a special mode of life that makes one independent of sexual desires through a return to one’s default state of soul bliss, for man is only the Atman (soul), and the soul is infinite bliss manifest, beyond the petty pleasures and limitations of sexuality. However, celibacy is not complete Brahmacharya, but it is an integral part of the Practice of Brahmacharya

Physical Celibacy:

Merely practicing physical celibacy (abstaining from sex or masturbation) has little benefit in the long run, although it may improve one’s physical health to a certain extent in the short term. For celibacy to bear fruit, it must be converted into ‘Brahmacharya’ or spiritually-based sexual continence. One must not suppress their sexual urges but conquer them by rooting them out from their source (ignorance).

The words ‘celibacy’ and ‘Brahmacharya’ are very different in meaning and have little in common. A celibate is one who refrains from physical sex but whose mind might constantly ponder on the sex plane. Such a person cannot grow spiritually and become free from wet dreams or masturbation. ‘Celibacy’ is merely physical, not spiritual. However, it is also an important part of Brahmacharya.

The Practice of Brahmacharya:

‘Brahmacharya’ refers to freedom from and abandonment of all forms of sexual enjoyment in thought, word, and deed at all places and times with constant devotion and surrender to God. A Brahmachari (practitioner) strives to revert to the default nature of their pure soul, which is free from the concept of sex, desire, and craving for sense pleasures. Through constant striving, they overcome the acquired sexual conditioning the mind has grown accustomed to from past actions and gradually revert to the sex-free nature of the soul.

If a man or woman were to suppress their sexual urges physically while the mind constantly pondered them, it would cause the advent of ill health and disease at both the physical and mental levels. Brahmacharya refers to a mode of life that aims to prevent the very birth of these sexual urges at the mental level, not their suppression. Thus, one gradually reverts the mind to the pure, sex-free nature of the soul.

A seeking man who talks much and thinks about sex/women and associates themselves with tobacco, alcohol, parties, and idle talk with friends becomes unfit to practice Brahmacharya. Similarly, a person devoted to the life of Brahmacharya finds no interest in such associations. Such a Brahmachari is polite and amicable with even the most characterless of their friends but limits contact and interactions to a minimum and only out of necessity. Just as the wanton and wayward man is wedded to their life of sexuality, the Brahmachari is wedded to their life of purity. This awareness is crucial. A Brahmachari should not waste their time and energy trying to broadcast the practice of Brahmacharya among their friends but should avoid unfavorable company and make their lack of interest in topics of sexuality clear to the few remaining friends. Once people realize the intentions and firmness behind such a resolve, things fall into place.

The correct way to stay free from being polluted by lusty talk is to avoid such company. It is a task beyond possibility for a beginner Brahmachari to be in the presence of the wrong company and yet maintain purity. Hence, one’s contact with friends in the initial period must be limited.

Pranayama and Asana (shared in later chapters) in a life of Yoga are time-tested and efficient methods that help a person achieve purity and progress in Brahmacharya. These have been, are, and will always apply to achieving spiritual progress and efficient evolution. Just as the rays of the sun do not become dark because someone says so, the efficacy of yogic practices does not change with time, place, and circumstance by someone’s statement or non-statement. Lead a life of Brahmacharya and Yoga with devotion and love to God, following which the Lord eventually makes the path easier and free from obstacles.