Nofap gardner story

A gardener once existed who devoted all his resources, including time, energy, and wealth, to nurturing a picturesque flower garden. The garden was home to a diverse array of multi-hued, fragrant blooms. After carefully selecting the most magnificent flowers, the gardener crafted a delightful fragrance from them. Can you guess what he did next? He discarded the precious scent into the garbage! It was a nonsensical act, as the gardener had put so much effort into creating the perfume, only to waste it and fail to fill his home with its sweet aroma. You may think, “What a foolish man, a buffoon…” However, consider yourself for a moment. Are you not guilty of the same foolishness?

The semen produced in the body from childhood to adulthood, spanning 15-20 years of youthful prime, is transformed into OJAS, which imparts strength, vitality, and radiance to the body. Is it wise to squander this valuable semen, which takes 30 days to produce, simply for a momentary sexual thrill? This is a foolish act, much like that of the gardener. The gardener may have realized his mistake and not repeated his irrational behavior, but modern men continue to make the same mistake, repeatedly indulging in sex, despite repeated warnings from the world’s great thinkers. This inevitably leads to nothing but regret and misery.

Blinded by lust, individuals often engage in sexual acts, seeking a momentary pleasure. Afterward, they are left feeling depleted and lifeless, unaware that the pleasure was fleeting and that they have squandered the precious fluid accumulated over 30-40 days. The semen produced during one’s youth remains in the body as OJAS and is lost through sexual intercourse and masturbation. Excessive sexual activity can even result in the discharge of a white substance from the bones, causing physical weakness and even incapacitation. Individuals may become fearful, avoiding eye contact and living a tormented life.

To avoid these negative consequences, our wise sages and saints have provided guidelines on when, with whom, and how often one should engage in sexual intercourse. These guidelines must be followed strictly.