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PRANA MAN is a writer, philosopher, and international best-selling author of books on semen retention, such as “Semen Retention Benefits,” “Semen Retention Secrets,” and “Semen Retention Discipline.” He also runs a blog(SemenRetentionBenefits.com & Brahmacharya.org) YouTube channel(PRANAMAN) where he answers questions and doubts about the Practice of Brahmacharya and celibacy.

His goal through his writing is to share his knowledge and understanding of self-realization and the benefits of celibacy with others. His books are a collection of ancient wisdom and personal experience from the last ten years, and are not a step-by-step guide, but rather aim to help readers find their own unique path to a happier, healthier, and wealthier life.

His books have captivated the world with his unique Brahmacharya Principles for creating a solid foundation for a noble life. His books are a collection of ancient wisdom and experience from the last ten years he had gained from great masters.

Pranaman is grateful to God for the success he has achieved in The Practice of Brahmacharya, and acknowledges that maintaining Brahmacharya requires constant effort and determination, but is ultimately guided by God’s kindness and compassion. He considers himself a student of Brahmacharya, always striving to improve and maintain his practice, and is thankful for the gift of Brahmacharya.

Beyond this, there isn’t anything much in his endeavor worth writing or talking about. He considers himself a striving student of Brahmacharya like anyone else out there, keeping a vigil against the senses, praying to God for continued success and thanking him for having given the jewel called Brahmacharya.

Don’t be confused by modern terms such as “semen retention,” “seed retention,” “sperm retention,” “mindful sexuality,” “chastity,” “celibacy,” and similar practices of sexual abstinence. These terms all refer to the ancient practice of Brahmacharya. In this book, I use these modern terms interchangeably with the original practice of Brahmacharya to assist you in understanding and applying this ancient practice to your modern life.


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