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Frequently Asked Questions on Semen Retention


Q1. Can I still derive benefits from starting a celibate lifestyle after the age of 35?

Starting a celibate lifestyle is possible at any age, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman. The earlier you start, the better, but it’s never too late to reap the benefits. According to scriptures, the optimal age to begin is around 32-34, as this is when a man’s sperm and vitality are at their peak. Beyond this age, the quality of sperm in a typical man tends to decline. However, by preserving the best of his vitality through uninterrupted celibacy for 12 years, he can still achieve remarkable results. There are numerous historical examples of people who started celibacy later in life and still gained notable success, name, fame, and self-realization. An age of 35 is still relatively young and offers ample opportunity for growth. So, if you’re interested in celibacy, start as soon as possible!

Q2. Does Brahmacharya increase body heat?

Yes, it certainly does. The practice of celibacy, combined with yoga and meditation, can transmute semen into Ojas, a powerful form of energy. This conversion results in increased strength, energy, vitality, and cheer, and helps to prevent illness. Ojas is also known as “Divine nectar” and has the power to eliminate physical and mental decay, disease, and degeneration. Brahmacharis who have successfully transmuted their semen into Ojas often have a rosier complexion, as the converted semen is converted into heat.

Best Solution:

Take a daily cold water shower! Although your body may be warm, a cold water bath is highly beneficial for a Brahmachari for several reasons:

  • It suppresses passion and lustful thoughts.
  • It regulates the excess heat produced by the body.
  • Cold water is rich in Pranic energy, which is destroyed when water is heated.

Try gradually lowering the temperature of your shower water over a period of time (such as one month), and observe the impact on your life of Brahmacharya. Cold water has the potential to reduce lustful heat in the body and enhance it with positive cosmic energy.

Q3. Is there a connection between a pale complexion and spiritual enlightenment?

There is no direct correlation between a person’s facial complexion and their spiritual enlightenment. However, it has been observed that celibates who practice genuine celibacy often develop a deeper and richer skin tone. This is due to an increase in energy and heat, as well as an increase in blood count resulting from the reabsorption of vital fluids in their bodies. It is worth noting that some people may have a genetic predisposition towards lighter skin, which prevents their skin from darkening. This change in complexion is generally observed in the majority, but there may be exceptions. Therefore, it is not a reliable indicator of a person’s spiritual level. Additionally, while a pale complexion may be a sign of health conditions such as anemia or a low blood count, not all people with a pale complexion are unhealthy. Moreover, in most cases, practicing true celibacy for several months can help improve these conditions.

Q4. Is there a difference between the discharge during a wet dream and that of a voluntary ejaculation?

Typically, the energy lost during a wet dream is significantly less than during a voluntary ejaculation. Wet dreams often involve the release of mostly prostatic fluid with little or no sperm. This is because they occur during a semi-conscious state when the subconscious mind is active, leading to a lower level of energy loss compared to a voluntary ejaculation in a fully awake state. It is important to understand that wet dreams can be a manifestation of dormant lust. If a person’s conscious mind suppresses thoughts of lust while awake, the subconscious may resort to them during a dream when the intellect and consciousness are weaker. This highlights the need for the aspirant to work harder towards realizing the illusory nature of the senses and attaining a deeper understanding of the truth.

Q5. Can someone practice celibacy later in life?

Celibacy, also known as Brahmacharya, is a journey towards divinity and purity, regardless of age or gender. While the negative effects of an uncontrolled sexual life can accumulate over time, affecting physical, mental, and karmic well-being, celibacy offers a cure and hope for redemption. It is a key factor in the path of correcting past mistakes. By expressing an interest in celibacy, you have taken the first step towards a positive change.

Q6. How much sleep is recommended for a celibate person?

For optimal physical and mental health, it is recommended to get seven to eight hours of deep sleep. The ideal sleep pattern for a celibate person is to go to bed early and wake up early. Waking up early in the morning to perform physical exercises and meditation can help support the practice of celibacy.

Q7. How Does Physical Exercise Affect Semen Retention (Brahmacharya)?

Physical exercise is an essential component of transforming sexual energy into physical health and strength. Semen has three important functions, as previously discussed:

  1. Revitalizing and strengthening the physical body
  2. Developing a keen intellect
  3. Contributing to the formation of “Ojas,” or divine energy, for spiritual growth.

Physical exercise helps to ensure that the semen required for revitalizing the body is properly absorbed, rather than being expelled through wet dreams. Without sufficient physical activity, this portion of semen may be lost.

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52 Verse of Brahmacharya


The Brahmacharya verse is a powerful tool for individuals seeking great health, including Semen Retention practitioners, Brahmacharis, athletes, and anyone else looking to improve their wellbeing. Reciting the 52 verses of Brahmacharya daily can give a person the strength to practice celibacy and avoid the pitfalls of sexual desire. Women should omit verses 12 and 14, while men should omit verses 13 and 15.

Dear brothers and sisters, let go of your hopelessness and forget your past struggles. Gain confidence and stand tall! If you embrace celibacy, the goal you’ve been striving for will come to you effortlessly.

(1) Powerless individuals are looked down upon by their family, society, and nation because they’ve lost their sexual fluids through secret relationships. To avoid this shame, protect your sexual fluids and practice celibacy. This is the path of dharma and a shortcut to success.

(2) Weak individuals who have lost their power struggle every day, trying to find a way out of their despair. Meanwhile, powerful individuals who have mastered their sexual fluids experience endless bliss on the mountain of hope.

(3) People drive away a guard dog, but if a lion takes its place, they don’t have the courage to confront it and instead, they run away.

(4) The wind fuels a forest fire when it thinks it’s strong, but puts out a small light burning inside the house when it thinks it’s weak.

(5) Just as the skin and seed of a mango are discarded on the road after the juice has been consumed, weak individuals are often insulted by the strong.

(6) Dear brothers and sisters, a single drop of sexual fluid is worth more than all the wealth in the world. Those who are drawn to sensual pleasure waste it, but a yogi who recognizes its true value protects it carefully.

(7) Protecting your sexual fluids will make your body radiant. Just as a lamp without fuel burns out, that radiance will fade if you become sensual, lose control, and waste your sexual fluids.

(8) As sensual pleasures increase, strength decreases, and diseases take hold. On the other hand, celibate individuals who protect their sexual fluids experience an increase in strength and remain disease-free.

(9) A single drop of sexual fluid can create a complete child, but those tempted by sensuality waste countless drops, killing countless unborn children. Is it right to enjoy life by taking away life from others?

(10) The seed is part of the tree, and there’s a tree in every seed. In the same way, the soul is a part of God, and God is within every individual’s soul. Embrace the scientific practice of niskama karma yoga and become an Urdhvareta, united with God.

(11) Dear practitioner, to gain insight into this profound truth, it is important to understand that the beauty of the female form can be compared to a hidden fire that can ignite passion and desire in those who observe or attempt to touch it.

(12) To journey towards divine realization, dear female practitioner, it is crucial to resist the allure of men. Those who give in to carnal desires with men, who may appear like gods but are actually demonic in nature, will be pulled down into a pit of sensuality.

(13) Remember, dear practitioner, that as long as you hold a fixation on the image of a beautiful woman, you cannot fully embrace the practice of yoga. Temptation and desire may always linger, making it difficult to stay true to your spiritual path.

(14) To preserve your physical being and attain spiritual enlightenment, dear sadhika, it is imperative to avoid any form of physical or emotional involvement with men.

(15) It is said that the loss of sexual energy can lead to an early demise, while safeguarding it can prolong life. Thus, it is important to make a concerted effort to preserve this energy.

(16) It is not your nationality or religion that is of utmost significance, but rather your adherence to the principle of Brahmacharya. To uncover the truth within yourself and connect with the divine, Brahmacharya must be strictly practiced. Without it, your spiritual journey will be futile.

(17) Brahmacharya should be viewed as a lifelong companion, and it is imperative to overcome any fear of losing it. Instead, one should fear sexual desires, as they can weaken and corrupt youth.

(18) To succeed in your practice of Brahmacharya, it is important to fortify your determination. Only those who eat wholesome food in moderation and engage in physical activity regularly can effectively practice Brahmacharya. Overindulgence in food and a lack of exercise will inevitably lead to failure.

(19) Prakrti, or nature, is comprised of three qualities: sattvaguna, rajoguna, and tamoguna, with sattvaguna being the most desirable. To practice niskama karma yoga and become a devotee of the divine, it is important to cultivate sattvaguna within yourself.

(20) Prakrti itself can be viewed as Radhika Rani, a great and powerful force. By embracing sattvaguna, one can cultivate a unique and unmatched personality.

(21) Oh, unfortunate ones, beware! How long will you continue to grieve and stumble? Stir the courage within you and awaken it. Embrace the vow of Brahmacharya and rid yourself of foolishness.

(22) False words may present themselves as a powerful sword, but in reality, when faced with even a small dog, they cower in fear. Their commitment to Brahmacharya is short-lived.

(23) Cowardice cannot be disguised as bravery through empty words. True bravery is inspired by the strength within and can continue to fight even when facing immense adversity.

(24) Brahmacharya is the daughter of the divine and can only be taken as a spouse by the brave and virtuous. Cowards, on the other hand, are only fit to marry demonesses.

(25) Only those who preserve their sexual energy can protect the world. Those who fail to do so cannot even ensure happiness and peace for their own families.

(26) Brothers and sisters, your fear stems from the demoness of difficulty, who continuously harasses and obstructs your path. Embrace Brahmacharya and abandon licentious behavior, and this demoness will tremble at the sight of you.

(27) With the power of Brahmacharya, all obstacles will be overcome, and you will emerge victorious. All difficulties will surrender, and with a pure heart, you can bravely confront your enemies. You will witness the transformation of your difficulties – some will live, some will die, and some will simply disappear.

(28) Just as the sun shines bright in the sky and the moon is adorned by stars, a celibate shines brightly among men.

(29) Do not let your passions destroy your sexual energy. Preserving this energy is the most correct form of spiritual discipline, and through it, your desires will be fulfilled, and salvation is attainable.

(30) The power gained from preserving sexual energy opens up the gateway to fortune and enhances your physical appearance.

(31) This practice increases physical strength, intelligence, patience, and memory, steadies the mind, and brings happiness and peace.

(32) One who has preserved their sexual energy has the power to accomplish anything in life, even finding a hidden object in the dark with a torch. This practice is like finding light in a world of darkness.

(33) If you can master self-control, greatness will be yours. All your desires will be fulfilled, and fame will be at your doorstep, eager to greet you.

(34) Self-control is the key to well-being, unlocking all doors and locking the doors of sorrow.

(35) Those who are passionate will search in vain for happiness, but it is always in search of the celibate. Such is the mysterious play of the divine.

(36) Oh, great celibates, the practice of Brahmacharya yields immense rewards, and one day, supernatural abilities will come to you and ask to reside with you. The gods will be pleased and accept your greatness, and everyone will sing your praises each day.

(37) Enjoyment may bring temporary pleasure, but in the end, only sorrow remains. Yoga, however, brings happiness at all times.

(38) Yoga is known by many names, but it is unique and referred to as the yoga of Brahmacharya or Niskama Karma Yoga. This yoga can lead one to become an Urdhvareta, like the touch of King Midas. Don’t give up this valuable gem in search of a shiny rock.

(39) As a practitioner, consider your body as a laboratory for practicing yoga and your soul as your teacher. Take the vow of Brahmacharya and practice Niskama Karma Yoga.

(40) Sadhakas, remember that pleasure leads to downfall while yoga leads to success. A sensual life leads to hell, while a yogic life leads to infinite achievement.

(41) The strict observance of Brahmacharya is a significant vow and the essence of a mantra. Thus, any spiritual practice without Brahmacharya is considered a failure. Brahmacharya is essential as the gods depend on it, making it a key component while other techniques are secondary.

(42) Yoga initiation requires dedicating oneself to Niskama Karma Yoga, which elevates the sexual fluids, bringing a divine glow to the forehead. Once the prana becomes elevated, the fire of yoga marks the forehead of the yogi, which is the true sign of a successful yogi. Some imitate this state by putting various marks on their foreheads.

(43) Each religion has its pilgrimage sites, but Brahmacharya is the only pilgrimage with universal appeal. Without seeking its protection, the mind cannot be purified. This pilgrimage site is where all great saints of the world go for penance and is the home of all supernatural powers and achievements.

(44) The devotee who detaches from worldly attachments can glimpse the great Lord. To achieve this, seek protection in Niskama Karma Yoga, which involves scientifically practicing the path of Brahmacharya. There is no other path to achieve God.

(45) To make this divine pilgrimage, one must use the vehicle of Brahmacharya to succeed, and this can only be achieved with God’s blessing.

(46) Sexual fluid is a valuable gem and whoever hoards it can achieve anything. If one can attain divinity through Brahmacharya, why not achieve everything the world has to offer?

(48) Practitioner, preserving sexual fluid is the principle of God. Worship God under its protection as this is the illuminated path. Don’t leave it and follow the path of darkness, leading to disappointment.

(49) Just as a boat saves people from drowning in the river or sea, these verses on Brahmacharya will save you from drowning in the ocean of worldly life.

(50) The devotee who chants these verses on Brahmacharya every day at dawn will receive divine inspiration, which is not just inspiration but the divine blessing of the kind Lord.

(51) The devotee who chants these verses on Brahmacharya every day at dawn will receive divine inspiration, which is not just inspiration but the divine blessing of the kind Lord.

(52) Nothing is unattainable in this world with divine inspiration, as inspiration is the powerful force that runs the universe.

Remember, Brahmacharya is the vow of celibacy in thought, word, and deed that leads to Self-realization or the attainment of Brahman. It requires not only control of the reproductive Indriya but also control of all senses in thought, word, and deed. Complete Brahmacharya is the key to open the door to Nirvana or perfection and the avenue to the abode of Supreme Peace.

The Paramount Importance of Brahmacharya


The Paramount Significance of Brahmacharya By Swami Chidananda Saraswati

Swami Chidananda Saraswati was an Indian spiritual teacher, yogi, and sage. He was the president of the Divine Life Society, a spiritual organization founded by his guru, Sri Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, and was known for his teachings on the ancient Indian scriptures, yoga, and spirituality. He was a respected spiritual leader and was regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the teachings of yoga, Vedanta, and the Bhagavad Gita.

The Four Great Purusharthas – Right Efforts

Our ancestors have defined four essential values that every human being should strive to attain. These values are referred to as the Purushartha Chathushtaya, meaning “right exertion or effort.” The first and foremost of these values is ethics or morality, referred to as Dharma. Our ancestors emphasized that our thoughts, words, and actions should be ethical, pure, and moral, in line with the law of ethics and morality. This is because following this law ensures our highest good, happiness, and welfare. The law of cause and effect, also known as the Law of Karma, states that our actions have consequences. Hence, if our actions are moral and ethical, the result is happiness and wellbeing, but if not, we reap the consequences of bitterness.

Adhering to the ethical standards in life will bring us happiness and inner peace, despite facing difficulties and troubles from others. Our ancestors placed great importance on ethics as they wanted to secure the greatest benefit and good of the individual soul. By following ethical values, one gains immense inner strength, like the Pandavas who faced numerous difficulties but remained steadfast in their adherence to virtue and never broke down. Dharma upholds those who follow it, and those who don’t, fall.

The second value is Artha, the economic value or money, which is inevitable and necessary for our survival in this world. The ancestors emphasized that our efforts to earn a living should be based on Dharma, and that any professional or business activities should also be in line with ethical values.

The third value is the desire nature of man, arising from his many longings, desires, ambitions, and plans. Our ancestors recognized that man is a vital being with a psychological personality and provided a place for this vital value in the Purusharthas. Unlike other animals that only have the instinct to survive, man has desires that go beyond food and shelter.

The fourth and final value is Moksha, which refers to spiritual liberation and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Our ancestors believed that attaining Moksha was the ultimate goal of life, and that the other three values were steps towards this goal.

The Purushartha Chathushtaya, the four great values defined by our ancestors, are the right efforts towards attaining the ultimate goal of spiritual liberation, and they must be pursued in the right order, starting with ethics and morality as the foundation. By following these values, we can lead a life of happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment, and ultimately attain spiritual liberation.

The Two-Fold Significance of Dharma

Dharma is the foundation and basis for all human striving, as it must always accompany and infill one’s thoughts, words, and actions in all aspects of life, including professional and social activities. The importance of following Dharma can be understood in two ways. Firstly, adhering to Dharma leads to happiness, while neglecting it leads to sorrow. This applies not only to morality and ethics, but also to one’s economic and vital values.

Secondly, and more significantly, following Dharma leads to the attainment of the highest spiritual value, which is God-realization and liberation. This is the ultimate purpose of life and what makes it worth living. Having this goal in mind provides the strength and direction needed to overcome life’s difficulties and attain divine consciousness.

In summary, Dharma is crucial as it provides a stable foundation for one’s worldly pursuits and a path towards spiritual enlightenment. When Dharma animates and pervades one’s entire life, spiritual pursuits become rapidly fruitful and lead to the ultimate goal of Moksha and divine consciousness. This is the great ideal of Bharatavarsha and it is inevitable to strive for it.

The Importance of Energy Conservation in a Spiritual Life:

In the context of Purushartha Chathushtaya, the four values to be attained, it is essential to have strength and energy. Any action or effort requires energy, and this energy can only be harnessed if it is conserved. If energy is wasted, it becomes a continuous cycle of debt.

Think of it as saving money to start a business or build a home. If you consistently spend more than you earn, you will never have enough savings to reach your goals. Similarly, conservation of energy is crucial for success in any pursuit. This is the central principle of Brahmacharya, which emphasizes the wise use of energy to attain desired outcomes.

Energy can be drained through various means such as excessive talking, worry, anger, overeating, and engaging in harmful habits like smoking and drinking. These practices not only waste physical energy but also emotional energy. Thus, sense-control through Samyama is an integral part of Brahmacharya.

One of the most concentrated forms of energy is the sexual energy, which is the quintessence of all physical energy. When conserved wisely, this energy can be transformed into various forms and aid in intellectual pursuits, research, meditation, and more. There are also practices such as yoga, pranayama, and emotions, which aid in this transformation.

Therefore, conserving energy, particularly sexual energy, has been given significant importance in spiritual life across all religions.

Sex Energy: A Manifestation of Para Shakti

Sex energy is a manifestation of the Divine. It is the dynamic expression of Brahman, also known as Para Shakti, Maha Shakti, Maha Maya, or Prakriti. This cosmic energy is responsible for the activity of countless universes, as well as the energy that powers the sun, planets, elements, growth of seeds, and animates all living beings. It is the same energy that is present in our body and enables our digestion, circulation, movement, and speech. Sex energy is a part of the one, indivisible cosmic power, and its utilization for reproduction is a sacred process that cooperates with the Creator.

In Indian culture, the conservation and conversion of sex energy into a subtler form for higher spiritual purposes is called Brahmacharya. This term encompasses an entire way of life that involves moderation in all activities and wise restraint of all senses. In the traditional system of Bharatiya Samskriti, total restraint of the sex energy was laid down in the Brahmacharya, Vanaprastha, and Sannyasa Ashramas, while moderation in its utilization was required in the Grihasthashrama for procreation. This concept of Brahmacharya gave rise to two great ideals: Pativrata Dharma and chastity or fidelity to one’s spouse.

In conclusion, sex energy is a manifestation of the divine, and its wise utilization and conservation can lead to higher spiritual development. Brahmacharya is a way of life that involves moderation and wise restraint, enabling individuals to move closer to Brahma-Jnana.

The Human Body as a Mansion:

It is important to emphasize that the body is like a mansion. Even the most magnificent mansion, adorned with marble and jewels, is useless unless it has basic necessities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. These necessities are essential for a person to live in the mansion. The food a person consumes contributes to their mind and body, and the waste must be eliminated, as waste is always foul-smelling. Similarly, in the human body, which is considered a “mansion of nine gates,” God has provided two exit points for the purpose of drainage and elimination of waste. Although these exit points also serve a reproductive function, it is only a rare, occasional occurrence in a small portion of one’s life. The primary function of these outlets is to drain impurities from the body. Understanding the body from this perspective, rather than giving it undue importance, can solve many problems. From a Vedantic viewpoint, the primary declaration of Vedanta is that the soul is eternal and unchanging, not the body. Hence, identifying oneself with just one aspect of the body is not in line with Vedanta teachings. A strong and genuine belief in Vedanta can provide a solution to these challenges.

The Path to Transcending Sexual Urges:

A key aspect of the concept of Brahmacharya is to have a clear purpose and direction in life. What is it that drives you? What is your ultimate goal? Do you have a burning passion to become the world’s greatest musician, the fastest runner or weightlifter at the Olympics? If you have an all-consuming ambition, other challenges will take a backseat. However, without such a direction in life, everything becomes difficult, including controlling sexual desires.

The solution to this problem is not to fight with it, but to rise above it. If you lack a strong urge to strive towards something, the sense-pleasures become an overpowering force in your life. But, if you have a more profound purpose, the senses do not hold any sway.

The way to transcend sexual desires is to develop a deep love for God, to be passionate about living an ethical and ideal life, and to cultivate intense Mumukshutva for self-liberation. When you have a strong aspiration towards something, other distractions become less important. To achieve mastery over the sense-pleasures, you must ignite within yourself a flame of higher aspiration.

Successful Brahmacharya requires total commitment to your purpose in life. Even renowned scientists are not troubled by these issues as they are fully absorbed in their research. They are not concerned with food, clothing, or hygiene because they are focused on something greater. This is how you can cultivate successful Brahmacharya – by giving yourself completely to what your heart truly desires.

The Concept of Voluntary Self-restraint:

There is a commonly held belief in Western cultures that sex is a natural urge and should be freely expressed. According to this idea, suppressing the sexual urge can lead to repression, and this repression can result in abnormality, neurosis, and various complexes. While this argument holds some truth, it only applies when suppression and repression are imposed by external factors such as social norms, family pressure, or personal inhibitions.

However, if one willingly and voluntarily chooses to engage in self-discipline and self-restraint for the purpose of attaining a higher goal, this is not considered suppression. In this scenario, there is no psychological tension as it is a voluntary decision, made with full willingness and enthusiasm. Every time one controls their sense-urges, they experience a sense of achievement and inner satisfaction, making the process positive, creative, and empowering.

Brahmacharya can be viewed as a means of conserving energy and preserving it for higher pursuits. The energy in a human being is a part of the cosmic energy, which manifests in various aspects, including the physical and biological (sex energy), mental and occult (Medhas), psychic (Kundalini Shakti), and highest (Atma Bal, Atma Shakti, radiance of the Atman).

Consider all these aspects and allow them to inspire further reflection and contemplation.

The Importance of Choosing Right Company


Many individuals fall into the trap of negative thoughts, actions, and speech, believing that they bring joy. This is a result of “Avidya” or an illusion of the senses. These individuals are drawn to stimuli that ultimately lead to a cycle of desire, taking them deeper into a life of sin.

For those who are serious about their spiritual growth, it is important to steer clear of such individuals and their influence. Surrounding oneself with negative people and negative energy can disrupt one’s pursuit of celibacy.

Think of it this way: If milk is mixed with water, it completely dissolves without distinction. However, if that milk is turned into yogurt, then into butter, and finally placed in water, it will float, not mix. As beginners in the path of celibacy, we are like the milk, and bad company and temptations are like the water. Until we reach the state of butter, we must remain vigilant and stay away from negative influences.

If you feel discomfort or offense when in the company of those who lead a life of negativity, consider it a positive sign of your progress in the pursuit of purity. Maintain this attitude and work towards a life of celibacy without any setbacks. When you meet your soulmate, someone who is in sync with your spiritual growth, you will be able to bring forth special and talented offspring, and continue on the path of celibacy together.

It is important to view your partner as the manifestation of the divine in human form. The soul, beyond the mind, body, intellect, and consciousness, is the essence of God. When you see the divine in your partner, you will be able to experience a spiritual connection that brings happiness and growth. If you are not married, the best approach is to fall in love with the soul of your partner, rather than just their physical form. Best wishes on your journey of celibacy.

Yoga Practice for Brahmacharya


Yoga Practice: The word ‘Yoga’ originates from the Sanskrit verb ‘Yuj’, meaning union. Known also as ‘Brahma Vidya’, Yoga involves the merging of the individual ego, ‘Aham’, into the Atman (self), leading to ‘Mukti’ (liberation). However, simply engaging in physical postures, or ‘Asana’, does not qualify as true Yoga.

Asana is just one of the eight limbs of Yoga, known as the ‘Angas’. The complete path to Yoga encompasses the following eight limbs: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. Mula Bandha:

The technique of ‘Mula Bandha’ – withdrawing energy from the ‘Muladhaara Chakra’ into higher chakras – is a useful tool for aspiring Brahmacharis in the process of transmutation. It is crucial to perform all yoga practices, such as Asana, Bandha, Nadi Shodhana, and Pranayama, in a systematic and coordinated manner. These techniques are powerful and should be used in moderation, like medicine, for maximum benefit. Overindulgence can prove to be ineffective and even harmful. The recommended times for practice are early morning, noon, and early evening around sunset, and the order of practice should be:

  • Asana
  • Bandha
  • Nadi Shodhana
  • Pranayama and meditation. After deep meditation, it is advisable to avoid any further Asana or Bandha practice for a few hours and instead focus on God or engage in creative activities.

 Additionally, performing the ‘Tri-Bandha’ – Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, and Jaalandhara Bandha – together can enhance the rise of vital energy from the lower chakras to higher chakras. The practice of ‘Shirsasana’ (headstand) during Asana can also yield positive results. Please note that it takes a great deal of time, effort, and divine grace for sexual desires to be fully curbed and for a person to attain a state of non-response to sexual stimuli. However, practicing Bandhas can aid in this journey.

 Under the guidance of a guru and with regular engagement in yogic exercises and meditation, the aspirant can make significant progress towards self-realization, the ultimate goal of Yoga. These practices can be viewed online on platforms such as YouTube.com and Udemy.com.

Attaining Guaranteed Success


When one practices chastity, they rise above the negative influences of lust and passion. Every day spent in chastity brings joy and happiness to the mind, body, and soul. After practicing chastity for 4-6 months, the individual experiences a purification of their mental, physical, and psychic levels, leading to a sense of pure bliss. However, when one gives in to their temptations, this bliss and joy can be lost. The semen, or “virya,” is the foundation of life and the very essence of the soul. It is a powerful force and a symbol of dynamic will. One who loses semen loses everything and there is no substitute. The resulting depression can be painful, leading to feelings of shame and disorientation. But this depression can be overcome through powerful will and prayer to a higher power.

Here are some steps, based on personal experience, that can lead to success in practicing chastity:


Opt for a well-balanced diet comprising whole grains, legumes, pulses, dairy products, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Stay away from foods that are heavily seasoned, contain artificial ingredients, and flavors. Reduce meat and eggs, as they can impede your journey towards chastity. Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and fragrances. Maintaining the right dietary habits is crucial to your success.


Start your day early, between 4-5AM, by drinking 1-2 glasses of water on an empty stomach. If you feel hungry, opt for a nutritious option like fruit or milk. Incorporate Pranayama and meditation into your routine to strengthen your control over your mind, breath, energy, and semen. A qualified yoga instructor can help you learn Pranayama effectively. Engage in daily prayer to seek support in maintaining your commitment to chastity. During meditation, sit in the lotus posture and focus on the space between your eyebrows with humility, honesty, and innocence.

Throughout the day, engage in activities that foster creativity and intellectual growth. However, avoid engaging in discussions or interactions that center around sexuality or women, as they can pose a threat to your chastity. Limit your interactions with individuals who could pose a risk, and be mindful of the potential for lust to arise from seemingly innocent interactions. Avoid looking directly into the eyes of people you are sexually attracted to. If a sexual thought arises, quickly redirect your mind by chanting the name of a higher power and seeking support to overcome the temptation. With sincere effort and determination, success in maintaining chastity is achievable.

Commitment To Charity And Compassion:

Nurture a spirit of love, kindness, and compassion towards others. Embrace humility and put aside feelings of anger, as they can hinder progress in maintaining chastity. Make an effort to help those in need, such as visiting a retirement home or feeding stray animals with love and affection. Your acts of kindness and generosity towards the less fortunate will not only bring blessings but also strengthen your commitment to chastity. Remember that true Brahmacharya requires a selfless and humble approach, rather than being centered on one’s own ego.

Overcoming Relapses


Staying without lapses for more than a week or a month is a noteworthy achievement. It demonstrates your commitment to the concept of Brahmacharya. If you experience a slip or break, it simply means that you need to persist further and steer in the right direction. With the divine grace, honesty, integrity, and dedication, you can achieve even greater success.

Let’s delve into what leads most people to relapse. Our current state of mind, intellect, consciousness, and ego is a result of our past actions or “karma.” Every action we’ve indulged in the past creates a “Vasana” or tendency. This is why different people have different likes and dislikes. For example, you may have a sweet tooth, while I may crave spicy food. These inherent preferences are all due to our past indulgences in those objects.

However, there is a universal commonality among most people – a strong like and craving for sexual acts. Individuals A, B, and C may have different tastes in food, clothing, and cars, but it’s often the case that they all have a strong interest in sex. Why is this so? Let me quote from the book “The Practice of Brahmacharya” by His Highness Swami Sivananda, who provides an answer:

“Because the sex instinct is the greatest urge in human life. Sex energy or lust is the most deeply rooted instinct in man. Sex energy completely fills the mind, intellect, Prana, senses, and the entire body. It is the oldest of the factors that make up the human being. A man has a thousand and one desires, but the central, strong desire is sexual desire. The fundamental desire is the urge for a mate. All desires stem from this central basic desire. The desire for money, the desire for children, the desire for property, the desire for houses and other desires come later. To maintain the creation of the universe, God has made sexual desire powerful.” -Swami Sivananda

In someone striving to be Brahmachari, the initial stage is like swimming upstream against the swift current of lust. Your strokes have to be consistent, powerful, and focused to make progress, otherwise, you will soon be carried downstream. However, along with efficient strokes, there is another crucial factor necessary to swim against the river of lust and reach the shores of chastity – the grace of the divine lord. No amount of mere physical, mental restraint, or intellectual understanding of the subject can help a man reach the shores of chastity without the grace of the Lord.

Reading about Brahmacharya in books is one thing, but fully realizing its content and staying out of lust’s reach is quite another. This is why there are only a few people who can succeed on this path. Success in Brahmacharya comes only to those who follow a special mode of life with the blessings of God.

The Path to Increased Divine Power:


When a person reacts to stimuli with desire, it creates semen in their body. In a celibate person, the semen produced is limited and serves the purpose of rejuvenating the body, developing a keen intellect, and helping with spiritual growth. Ancient sage believes that meditation on the divine can transmute semen into a higher form of energy called “Ojas.” The more “Ojas” a person has, the more spiritual power they have. However, it’s not the amount of semen that determines the amount of “Ojas.” Instead, it’s a result of moderation in diet and avoiding sense stimuli.

Sensory Stimuli Fuel Desire:

Humans tend to react to stimuli with desire until they reach mastery. This instinctive reaction is a result of their previous experiences and actions, often referred to as “karma.”

Semen Production:

Desire-driven reactions trigger the release of semen. In a Brahmachari (celibate), semen production is limited to fulfilling three key functions beyond reproduction:

  • Revitalizing and rejuvenating the physical body
  • Enhancing intellectual capabilities
  • Aiding in spiritual growth and self-realization.

However, in a non-Brahmachari, most of the semen is released without serving these purposes.

Transmutation through Meditation:

Meditation on the divine can transform semen into a higher energy form, known as Ojas (Divine Power). When a person becomes an Urdhvareta (one who has transmuted his sexual energy into the brain), physical semen production stops and the seed (Bindu) is retained as “Amrit” in the brain region. This state of Ojas can be achieved through adequate physical and mental activity along with meditation. However, if an aspirant fails to do so, semen will continue to flow out.

Ojas and Spiritual Power:

The more Ojas a person has, the greater their spiritual power. Ojas is essentially the gross creative power in a subtle form.

The idea that more semen equals more “Ojas” (Divine Power) is not necessarily true. Just like consuming more food than what is needed for a healthy body won’t increase health and strength tenfold or hundred-fold, having more semen won’t necessarily result in more “Ojas.” Only a portion of semen can be converted to “Ojas” after fulfilling other functions. Overconsumption can lead to excessive semen production and result in decreased power.

Sensory stimuli can cause desire, which in turn produces semen. But when semen is in the ejaculatory mode, it can no longer be converted to “Ojas.” That’s why those seeking to increase their spiritual power are encouraged to avoid sensory stimuli and sexual desires. Only when the mind is not consumed by these desires can one become an “Urdhvareta” and achieve the state of “Ojas.

The Dangers of Lust: A Lethal Enemy of Man


Religion provides a way of life and aims to assist individuals in attaining self-realization. Lust, on the other hand, is considered a dangerous threat to individuals for several reasons.

Allowing Sexual Stimulation:

  • Lust is a primitive desire that can be tempting at first, but ultimately ends in pain. It diverts vital energy away from the individual and towards satisfying the desire. The initial pleasure derived from indulging in lust soon dissipates, leading to a vicious cycle of increasing indulgence in search of the elusive pleasure. This eventually leads to depletion of physical, mental, and emotional energy, causing dependence and slavery to the illusory sexual sensation.
  • The Result: Individuals become hopelessly addicted to the pursuit of sexual ecstasy, which is nothing but a mirage. This addiction leads to a decline in all areas of life, making it impossible to attain oneness with God. This is why all religious scriptures discourage lust.

The answer is to shut out all sensory stimuli backed by the constant reminder of knowledge that sense objects lead one away from the path of genuine progress, happiness, and bliss.

The second approach doesn’t ultimately make sense, as it’s nothing more than a circuitous & slow downfall towards one’s past delusive animal instincts.

You are right in assuming that a conducive environment bereft of temptation helps. It certainly does and is, in fact, a necessity for an aspirant in the path of celibacy.

All Holy Scriptures cutting across religions state that till the time a celibate has realized his ‘SELF’ or God and is perfectly established in celibacy to where his mental purity and lack of response towards sense objects become ‘Natural’ and ‘Effortless’ he should always be extremely alert and vigilant against the onslaught of senses. By the honest and unbroken practice of ‘celibacy’ for 12 years, man reaches this state. The sight of a naked woman would have no bearing upon him. He feels no difference in stimulus between touching a piece of wood and the naked body of a beautiful woman. He sees himself in every form of life and all forms of life within himself. This is the ultimate aim of celibacy and the goal of life. Man is the one with his maker.

But beware! Until one has reached this state, he is ever prone to defeat under the powerful attack of lust at any given point in time. It is in fact said that a celibate aspirant should ever be humble and meek before God, asking him for guidance and the power to win over the senses and be constantly aware of the fact that he is still a student in controlling his passions and not yet a master.

If an aspirant lets ‘some’ sensory stimuli to enter his domain, he soon is overpowered by ‘more and more’ sense stimuli, which grow like hay on fire and finally devour him! So, the trick is to nip them at the bud.

It’s good that you have been without slips for the past 4 months. This is, in fact, a sign that you are destined for more if you strive rightly. The first 3 -4 months of celibacy make a person experience a drastic change in his state of mind and attitude. This is because man ‘slightly’ touches upon that beautiful state of soul serenity which he never knew throughout his adult life. But a word of caution is necessary here: As you progress further this initial euphoria or ‘high’ will settle down and stabilize, and then the celibate should clearly remember to be eternally vigilant and alert against any form of sexual stimulus, else he will be tempted to stray and lose his ground

The desire to stare at a beautiful lady shows latent lust. There are people who argue that they are looking at ‘beauty’ and not at ‘sexuality’. Would they stare at the same lady if she were old or say dead? Where did the beauty go then? True beauty is permanent and imperishable. It cannot age, and it cannot perish. This thing which we call ‘beauty’ in a man, or a woman, is the physical beauty of the body, an illusion. Look at this beautiful lady after she’s down with disease for a few days, all grungy, haggard, and unkempt and see if you feel the same attraction. This ‘attraction’ which you refer to will have vanished…Why? Because the ‘beauty’ you were referring to and looking at was the illusive, temporary and semi-permanent physical beauty and not the true ‘soul’ or ‘god’ beauty. This is exactly where celibacy comes; it makes man get in touch with the genuine beauty of the ‘soul or ‘God’.

John, have you ever wondered why a young virile man or a pretty girl in her teens look so attractive? What is it in them which ‘disappears’ once the man grows old, or this ‘pretty girl’ bears a few kids? The secret of reality and creation lies in this answer. It is ‘God’ who shines through these people at youth as their sexuality and makes them look ‘beautiful’ in order to facilitate them to attract a mate, marry and produce offspring. Once this purpose is achieved, this ‘pretty girl’ starts losing the physical charm and ‘oomph’ which she previously had. In reality, the physical body made of flesh and bones was never beautiful.

The ‘God’ power shining through it with the above said purpose held it high and together to give it firmness, fullness, and an aura of beauty! If the same ‘pretty girl’ were to die, say at youth, her dead body would no longer look ‘beautiful’… Why? Because the ‘beauty’ or ‘God’ or ‘soul’ which lived in her body has vacated its residence!!

A true and a great artist when he paints, a beautiful lady would, at that instant, knowingly or unknowingly be into painting this imperishable, all pervading ‘God’ beauty in the object’s soul, shining through the body. We can clearly see this difference between the works of an ordinary artist who merely paints the body and that of classics like ‘Renoir’s’ or ‘Rembrandts’. So again, all superlative results, be it in any field of life, are results of man’s connection with the ‘Divine’ and not the flesh. A ‘Renoir’ of even a very old man looks ‘Fantabulous’!”

The Significance of Sexuality in Relationships


Nature has imbued humans with the sexual drive to serve a number of purposes when approached in the right way:

  1. Procreation, or fathering a child.
  2. Building a bond with one’s spouse in the early stages of marriage.

Nature has created an attraction between men and women in order to bring them together, form a family unit, cohabit, and raise offspring. Without this attraction, it’s unlikely that two strangers, a man and a woman, would come together, or even if they did, they would be unwilling to stay together and fulfill their responsibilities as a family. The attraction between them is designed to form a strong foundation for a happy family life.

However, this attraction is only meant to last for a certain period of time and will eventually wane once the goal of forming a family is achieved. At this point, nature is signaling to the couple that it’s time to move on and form a new foundation for their marital relationship, one based on unconditional love, trust, consideration, and companionship. Relationships that are solely based on physical attraction or sex are therefore likely to have a limited lifespan.

Many people mistakenly believe that sex is the ultimate source of pleasure and something to be enjoyed throughout life. This illusion blinds them to the fact that there are higher states of consciousness that can be achieved through self-control and spiritual pursuits. This is where the concept of Brahmacharya comes in – the practice of living according to the dictates of the Almighty and seeking a state of eternal bliss. To reach these elevated states, one must gradually shift their focus from sexual pleasure to a deeper connection with God by thinking less about sex and more about divine love.

True love is selfless and unconditional, and the giver derives immense pleasure from giving. When you truly love your partner, their physical appearance or attire will have no impact on your desire to spend time with them and bring them happiness. Your spouse is like God in human form, cooking, serving, and smiling at you. It’s important to understand that physical attraction is fleeting and an illusion, and gradually reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse and even ejaculation. Semen is considered a divine fluid, and the more a man conserves it, the more he prospers and shines. Dedicate some time each day to:

  • Engaging in physical exercise
  • Challenging your mind with intellectual pursuits
  • Reflecting on your true self by reading religious texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, or Quran, and practicing meditation.

It’s crucial to avoid anything that stimulates the sexual plane, such as sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches that trigger sexual desires. With consistent and honest effort, God will undoubtedly extend a helping hand and lift you up to higher states of consciousness.