Those who practice Brahmacharya (Semen Retention) and keep their thoughts pure, have the ability to endure challenges and the strength to exhibit courage, boldness, enthusiasm, faith, good manners, sound reasoning, mental fortitude, and focus in their work. Their words carry the power of language and are filled with sweetness and strength. They find it easy to concentrate and are capable of handling long and demanding tasks with success. These qualities elevate a person to the top and secure their overall well-being. This genuine happiness is what all should strive for and forms the foundation of true peace. It transforms a person into a deity-like figure to be admired. Hence, the phrase, “Purity is the source of peace and prosperity”.

Scriptures also say that the discharge of semen is equivalent to death, while conservation of semen equals life. It is advised to put forth one’s best effort to maintain celibacy.

According to scriptural teachings, even Lord Shiva states that success in all aspects depends on celibacy. Is there anything that cannot be attained through it? So, why shouldn’t man practice semen retention? The Gita mentions that sex-lust breeds anger, which in turn creates confusion in the intellect. From this perspective, much of the violence and revolutionary chaos in society today stems from a lack of self-control among individuals. These benefits and more make semen retention a valuable practice.

The Benefits for the Body:

Practicing Brahmacharya (Semen Retention) can greatly benefit your physical health. Those who engage in this practice possess an increased immunity to a variety of diseases. Their bodily strength, energy levels, and zest for life increase, leading to an increase in optimism, cheerfulness, courage, and endurance. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the significance of Brahmacharya, leading to a decline in their physical stamina and a greater vulnerability to illness due to overindulgence. Rather than approaching spirituality, they frequently find themselves seeking medical treatment. By neglecting their strength, they invite early aging and exhaustion. In an attempt to regain their lost vitality, they may resort to consuming vitamins, fast food, alcohol, or non-vegetarian diets.

The Mental Benefits of Semen Retention:

Semen retention has a significant impact on one’s mental well-being. It brings a strong focus to one’s thoughts, enhances willpower, and improves concentration. This is why it is crucial for individuals to understand and embrace the truth behind this practice. With strengthened concentration, determination, and willpower, a person can effortlessly overcome any challenges that come their way on the path to success. This leads to increased happiness, enthusiasm, and progress in life.

Spiritual Advantages of Semen Retention:

Brahmacharya, or semen retention, is a crucial aspect of spiritual progress. Without it, one cannot truly realize their own self or the divine, as attachment to the physical body clouds the mind and hinders the understanding of one’s true nature. It is only through Brahmacharya that one can exercise control over their base tendencies and develop virtuous habits.

The aforementioned benefits of semen retention, such as mental stability, willpower, and concentration, play a significant role in spiritual development. By practicing self-control and mental restraint, one can overcome obstacles and make progress towards their spiritual goals. Furthermore, good health, increased energy, and mental clarity allow one to efficiently engage in divine service and earn the admiration of others.

The practice of Brahmacharya also leads to the development of qualities such as courage, faith, tolerance, and mental stability, which are essential for spiritual growth. These qualities equip a person to face difficulties with courage and determination, as they progress along the path of truth, faith in God, and stability in yoga.

In conclusion, Brahmacharya is a crucial requirement for spiritual progress, as it enables one to possess qualities such as concentration, courage, and mental stability. Without these qualities, it is impossible to achieve a connection with the divine and make meaningful spiritual progress.

Intellectual Benefits:

Semen Retention is a crucial factor in enhancing one’s intellectual capabilities. It not only improves the intellect, but also makes it righteous. The reasoning faculty becomes awakened and positive, leading to a true understanding of contentment, good will, and truth. This leads to avoiding the pitfalls of evil and attaining greatness through wisdom.

Moral Benefits:

Semen Retention serves as the cornerstone of morality. By practicing it, one’s outlook, thoughts, and habits are purified, enabling one to resist temptations and allurements and achieve a high level of righteousness. This leads to increased strength, fearlessness, honesty, integrity, and a commitment to upholding the truth. To learn more about the benefits of Semen Retention, you can read “Semen Retention Secrets” by Pranaman.