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When it comes to practicing Brahmacharya (Semen Retention), it’s important to keep it confidential. Brahmacharya is a sacred and virtuous way of life that should be treated with reverence and kept between you and the divine. Boasting or discussing Brahmacharya with others is a sign of foolishness and can ultimately lead to its downfall.

A Lesser-Known Fact: Brahmacharya and Celibacy are Different

It’s important to note that Brahmacharya and celibacy are not synonymous. Celibacy simply means refraining from sexual activity, while Brahmacharya is a unique way of life that enables one to overcome the desire for sexual pleasure and attain the infinite bliss of the soul. The soul, in its true form, is Atman, and is characterized by unending bliss, far beyond the boundaries of sexuality. While celibacy is an important aspect of Brahmacharya, it is not a complete representation of the practice.

What is NoFap?

NoFap is a movement advocated by online communities that emphasizes the abstention from porn, masturbation, and orgasm, referred to as PMO. The group asserts that by giving up porn-related masturbation, one can overcome several negative health effects, such as porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), delayed ejaculation, and premature ejaculation. Committing to NoFap is said to result in numerous mental, psychological, physical, and sexual benefits. While NoFap alone does not embody the full practice of Brahmacharya, it can be considered an integral part of the contemporary approach to Brahmacharya.

What is Semen Retention?

The Modern Interpretation: Semen retention shares similarities with NoFap in that both promote abstaining from PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm), but semen retention goes further by advocating for the preservation of semen through avoiding ejaculation, even during sexual intercourse with a partner. This approach, known as Tantric Sex, will be discussed in more detail in a chapter titled “The Dangers of Tantric Sex.”

Proponents of semen retention believe that by maintaining a long streak of retention, such as 90 days or more, one will experience improvements in sperm quality and spiritual energy, as well as other benefits that overlap with NoFap. However, it’s important to note that NoFap, celibacy, or semen retention alone cannot be considered as Brahmacharya, but should be viewed as part of the contemporary practice of Brahmacharya.

What is Physical Celibacy?

Physical celibacy, or simply abstaining from sexual activity or masturbation, provides limited long-term benefits, although it can improve one’s physical health to a certain extent in the short term. For celibacy to be truly effective, it must be transformed into a spiritually-based sexual continence known as Brahmacharya. Rather than suppressing sexual desires, one must overcome them by eliminating the root cause of ignorance.

It’s important to note that the terms “celibacy” and “Brahmacharya” have distinct meanings and are not synonymous. A celibate may physically refrain from sexual activity, but their thoughts may still revolve around sexual desires. This kind of celibacy does not foster spiritual growth or freedom from wet dreams or masturbation. Physical celibacy is a crucial aspect of Brahmacharya, but it is not the whole picture.

The Practice of Brahmacharya:

Brahmacharya refers to a state of complete freedom from sexual enjoyment and desires, both in thoughts, words, and actions, through constant devotion to God. It involves reverting to the pure nature of the soul, free from sexual impulses and cravings for sensory pleasures. A practitioner of Brahmacharya, or a Brahmachari, works towards overcoming their past sexual conditioning and desires through constant effort and mindfulness.

Suppressing sexual desires through physical means alone is not sufficient for practicing Brahmacharya. In fact, it can lead to physical and mental health problems. The goal of Brahmacharya is to prevent the birth of sexual urges at the mental level and not just suppress them. Through the practice of Brahmacharya, one gradually reverts their mind to the pure and sex-free nature of the soul.

A person who associates with negative influences such as alcohol, tobacco, parties, and discussions about sex or women is unlikely to achieve Brahmacharya. A Brahmachari, on the other hand, maintains a life of purity and avoids such company. While they may still interact with those who do not align with their values, they limit their interactions to what is necessary and maintain a polite and amicable demeanor.

Yogic practices like Pranayama and Asana are effective methods that help a person achieve purity and progress in Brahmacharya. These practices are timeless and will always be effective in promoting spiritual progress and evolution. Living a life of Brahmacharya and Yoga with devotion and love for God will make the path towards spiritual growth easier and free from obstacles.

A beginner Brahmachari should be cautious of being in the company of those who do not align with their values, as it can be challenging to maintain purity. It’s important to limit interactions with friends in the initial stages and avoid discussions about sexuality. By leading a life of Brahmacharya with firm resolve and intention, one will eventually find support from those around them.