The term “Urdhvareta” is derived from the Sanskrit words “Urdhva” meaning upward and “Rethas” meaning sexual fluid. Achieving full sex sublimation, including the cessation of wet dreams, requires a long and dedicated practice of Brahmacharya, or celibacy, in thought, word, and deed, along with divine grace.

An Urdhvareta Yogi is someone who has achieved a high level of mastery over their sexual energy. This is a process that takes a long time and requires a lot of effort, including complete celibacy in thought, word, and deed, as well as grace from God. The process involves a transformation in the body, known as the Urdhvareta kriya or Vajroli, in which the flow of sexual fluid (semen) changes direction from outward and downward to inward and upward, leading to the formation of a divine energy called Ojas Shakti in the brain.

As a person strives to observe Brahmacharya to the best of their ability, abstaining from sexual acts, ejaculations, and impure thoughts for an extended period, a process called Urdhvareta kriya or Vajroli takes place in their body. This causes the semen, which was previously flowing downward and being ejaculated, to now flow upward and inward, leading to the formation of Ojas Shakti (Divine Energy) in the brain. However, the person is not yet a complete Urdhvareta as they have not yet achieved complete sex sublimation. Semen can still flow downward if they are not vigilant against their senses.

If the person continues to observe Brahmacharya for an extended period, the flow of semen within their body becomes narrow and constricted. If they engage in semen ejaculation, even in a wet dream, they will experience pain instead of pleasure. This further develops their distaste for the sexual act.

At the physiological level, certain external changes take place, including:

  • A taut, wiry, and lithe body with a reduced tendency to accumulate bulk and fat
  • A reddish hue on the face and disappearance of wrinkles
  • Glowing skin and brighter eyes with improved eyesight
  • Gradual improvement in the original state of maximum function of all organs in the body.

At this stage, the Brahmachari must be cautious about avoiding unnecessary contact with women and people in general. They may develop a magnetic personality and may appear alluring, which can lead to ego inflation and pride if not kept in check. They must remain humble and always keep in mind that the power they are developing is not their own but the power of God shining through them. Only humility, kindness, and consideration towards others, and an attitude of gratitude towards God will strengthen their celibacy and promote further growth.

An Urdhvareta Yogi possesses the power to control the production of semen at the astral level. They can use their Prana to control or stop the production of physical semen and redirect that energy towards advanced spiritual activities, such as long periods of Samadhi and negating the karma of a disciple. These advanced yogis have realized their true nature beyond the body and no longer need to maintain the body through physical exercise. They have attained mastery over stopping the production of semen at the astral level.

Additional information regarding the concept of Urdhvareta can be found in the book “Semen Retention Secrets” by Pranaman.