Q1. Can I still derive benefits from starting a celibate lifestyle after the age of 35?

Starting a celibate lifestyle is possible at any age, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman. The earlier you start, the better, but it’s never too late to reap the benefits. According to scriptures, the optimal age to begin is around 32-34, as this is when a man’s sperm and vitality are at their peak. Beyond this age, the quality of sperm in a typical man tends to decline. However, by preserving the best of his vitality through uninterrupted celibacy for 12 years, he can still achieve remarkable results. There are numerous historical examples of people who started celibacy later in life and still gained notable success, name, fame, and self-realization. An age of 35 is still relatively young and offers ample opportunity for growth. So, if you’re interested in celibacy, start as soon as possible!

Q2. Does Brahmacharya increase body heat?

Yes, it certainly does. The practice of celibacy, combined with yoga and meditation, can transmute semen into Ojas, a powerful form of energy. This conversion results in increased strength, energy, vitality, and cheer, and helps to prevent illness. Ojas is also known as “Divine nectar” and has the power to eliminate physical and mental decay, disease, and degeneration. Brahmacharis who have successfully transmuted their semen into Ojas often have a rosier complexion, as the converted semen is converted into heat.

Best Solution:

Take a daily cold water shower! Although your body may be warm, a cold water bath is highly beneficial for a Brahmachari for several reasons:

  • It suppresses passion and lustful thoughts.
  • It regulates the excess heat produced by the body.
  • Cold water is rich in Pranic energy, which is destroyed when water is heated.

Try gradually lowering the temperature of your shower water over a period of time (such as one month), and observe the impact on your life of Brahmacharya. Cold water has the potential to reduce lustful heat in the body and enhance it with positive cosmic energy.

Q3. Is there a connection between a pale complexion and spiritual enlightenment?

There is no direct correlation between a person’s facial complexion and their spiritual enlightenment. However, it has been observed that celibates who practice genuine celibacy often develop a deeper and richer skin tone. This is due to an increase in energy and heat, as well as an increase in blood count resulting from the reabsorption of vital fluids in their bodies. It is worth noting that some people may have a genetic predisposition towards lighter skin, which prevents their skin from darkening. This change in complexion is generally observed in the majority, but there may be exceptions. Therefore, it is not a reliable indicator of a person’s spiritual level. Additionally, while a pale complexion may be a sign of health conditions such as anemia or a low blood count, not all people with a pale complexion are unhealthy. Moreover, in most cases, practicing true celibacy for several months can help improve these conditions.

Q4. Is there a difference between the discharge during a wet dream and that of a voluntary ejaculation?

Typically, the energy lost during a wet dream is significantly less than during a voluntary ejaculation. Wet dreams often involve the release of mostly prostatic fluid with little or no sperm. This is because they occur during a semi-conscious state when the subconscious mind is active, leading to a lower level of energy loss compared to a voluntary ejaculation in a fully awake state. It is important to understand that wet dreams can be a manifestation of dormant lust. If a person’s conscious mind suppresses thoughts of lust while awake, the subconscious may resort to them during a dream when the intellect and consciousness are weaker. This highlights the need for the aspirant to work harder towards realizing the illusory nature of the senses and attaining a deeper understanding of the truth.

Q5. Can someone practice celibacy later in life?

Celibacy, also known as Brahmacharya, is a journey towards divinity and purity, regardless of age or gender. While the negative effects of an uncontrolled sexual life can accumulate over time, affecting physical, mental, and karmic well-being, celibacy offers a cure and hope for redemption. It is a key factor in the path of correcting past mistakes. By expressing an interest in celibacy, you have taken the first step towards a positive change.

Q6. How much sleep is recommended for a celibate person?

For optimal physical and mental health, it is recommended to get seven to eight hours of deep sleep. The ideal sleep pattern for a celibate person is to go to bed early and wake up early. Waking up early in the morning to perform physical exercises and meditation can help support the practice of celibacy.

Q7. How Does Physical Exercise Affect Semen Retention (Brahmacharya)?

Physical exercise is an essential component of transforming sexual energy into physical health and strength. Semen has three important functions, as previously discussed:

  1. Revitalizing and strengthening the physical body
  2. Developing a keen intellect
  3. Contributing to the formation of “Ojas,” or divine energy, for spiritual growth.

Physical exercise helps to ensure that the semen required for revitalizing the body is properly absorbed, rather than being expelled through wet dreams. Without sufficient physical activity, this portion of semen may be lost.

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