The Brahmacharya verse is a powerful tool for individuals seeking great health, including Semen Retention practitioners, Brahmacharis, athletes, and anyone else looking to improve their wellbeing. Reciting the 52 verses of Brahmacharya daily can give a person the strength to practice celibacy and avoid the pitfalls of sexual desire. Women should omit verses 12 and 14, while men should omit verses 13 and 15.

Dear brothers and sisters, let go of your hopelessness and forget your past struggles. Gain confidence and stand tall! If you embrace celibacy, the goal you’ve been striving for will come to you effortlessly.

(1) Powerless individuals are looked down upon by their family, society, and nation because they’ve lost their sexual fluids through secret relationships. To avoid this shame, protect your sexual fluids and practice celibacy. This is the path of dharma and a shortcut to success.

(2) Weak individuals who have lost their power struggle every day, trying to find a way out of their despair. Meanwhile, powerful individuals who have mastered their sexual fluids experience endless bliss on the mountain of hope.

(3) People drive away a guard dog, but if a lion takes its place, they don’t have the courage to confront it and instead, they run away.

(4) The wind fuels a forest fire when it thinks it’s strong, but puts out a small light burning inside the house when it thinks it’s weak.

(5) Just as the skin and seed of a mango are discarded on the road after the juice has been consumed, weak individuals are often insulted by the strong.

(6) Dear brothers and sisters, a single drop of sexual fluid is worth more than all the wealth in the world. Those who are drawn to sensual pleasure waste it, but a yogi who recognizes its true value protects it carefully.

(7) Protecting your sexual fluids will make your body radiant. Just as a lamp without fuel burns out, that radiance will fade if you become sensual, lose control, and waste your sexual fluids.

(8) As sensual pleasures increase, strength decreases, and diseases take hold. On the other hand, celibate individuals who protect their sexual fluids experience an increase in strength and remain disease-free.

(9) A single drop of sexual fluid can create a complete child, but those tempted by sensuality waste countless drops, killing countless unborn children. Is it right to enjoy life by taking away life from others?

(10) The seed is part of the tree, and there’s a tree in every seed. In the same way, the soul is a part of God, and God is within every individual’s soul. Embrace the scientific practice of niskama karma yoga and become an Urdhvareta, united with God.

(11) Dear practitioner, to gain insight into this profound truth, it is important to understand that the beauty of the female form can be compared to a hidden fire that can ignite passion and desire in those who observe or attempt to touch it.

(12) To journey towards divine realization, dear female practitioner, it is crucial to resist the allure of men. Those who give in to carnal desires with men, who may appear like gods but are actually demonic in nature, will be pulled down into a pit of sensuality.

(13) Remember, dear practitioner, that as long as you hold a fixation on the image of a beautiful woman, you cannot fully embrace the practice of yoga. Temptation and desire may always linger, making it difficult to stay true to your spiritual path.

(14) To preserve your physical being and attain spiritual enlightenment, dear sadhika, it is imperative to avoid any form of physical or emotional involvement with men.

(15) It is said that the loss of sexual energy can lead to an early demise, while safeguarding it can prolong life. Thus, it is important to make a concerted effort to preserve this energy.

(16) It is not your nationality or religion that is of utmost significance, but rather your adherence to the principle of Brahmacharya. To uncover the truth within yourself and connect with the divine, Brahmacharya must be strictly practiced. Without it, your spiritual journey will be futile.

(17) Brahmacharya should be viewed as a lifelong companion, and it is imperative to overcome any fear of losing it. Instead, one should fear sexual desires, as they can weaken and corrupt youth.

(18) To succeed in your practice of Brahmacharya, it is important to fortify your determination. Only those who eat wholesome food in moderation and engage in physical activity regularly can effectively practice Brahmacharya. Overindulgence in food and a lack of exercise will inevitably lead to failure.

(19) Prakrti, or nature, is comprised of three qualities: sattvaguna, rajoguna, and tamoguna, with sattvaguna being the most desirable. To practice niskama karma yoga and become a devotee of the divine, it is important to cultivate sattvaguna within yourself.

(20) Prakrti itself can be viewed as Radhika Rani, a great and powerful force. By embracing sattvaguna, one can cultivate a unique and unmatched personality.

(21) Oh, unfortunate ones, beware! How long will you continue to grieve and stumble? Stir the courage within you and awaken it. Embrace the vow of Brahmacharya and rid yourself of foolishness.

(22) False words may present themselves as a powerful sword, but in reality, when faced with even a small dog, they cower in fear. Their commitment to Brahmacharya is short-lived.

(23) Cowardice cannot be disguised as bravery through empty words. True bravery is inspired by the strength within and can continue to fight even when facing immense adversity.

(24) Brahmacharya is the daughter of the divine and can only be taken as a spouse by the brave and virtuous. Cowards, on the other hand, are only fit to marry demonesses.

(25) Only those who preserve their sexual energy can protect the world. Those who fail to do so cannot even ensure happiness and peace for their own families.

(26) Brothers and sisters, your fear stems from the demoness of difficulty, who continuously harasses and obstructs your path. Embrace Brahmacharya and abandon licentious behavior, and this demoness will tremble at the sight of you.

(27) With the power of Brahmacharya, all obstacles will be overcome, and you will emerge victorious. All difficulties will surrender, and with a pure heart, you can bravely confront your enemies. You will witness the transformation of your difficulties – some will live, some will die, and some will simply disappear.

(28) Just as the sun shines bright in the sky and the moon is adorned by stars, a celibate shines brightly among men.

(29) Do not let your passions destroy your sexual energy. Preserving this energy is the most correct form of spiritual discipline, and through it, your desires will be fulfilled, and salvation is attainable.

(30) The power gained from preserving sexual energy opens up the gateway to fortune and enhances your physical appearance.

(31) This practice increases physical strength, intelligence, patience, and memory, steadies the mind, and brings happiness and peace.

(32) One who has preserved their sexual energy has the power to accomplish anything in life, even finding a hidden object in the dark with a torch. This practice is like finding light in a world of darkness.

(33) If you can master self-control, greatness will be yours. All your desires will be fulfilled, and fame will be at your doorstep, eager to greet you.

(34) Self-control is the key to well-being, unlocking all doors and locking the doors of sorrow.

(35) Those who are passionate will search in vain for happiness, but it is always in search of the celibate. Such is the mysterious play of the divine.

(36) Oh, great celibates, the practice of Brahmacharya yields immense rewards, and one day, supernatural abilities will come to you and ask to reside with you. The gods will be pleased and accept your greatness, and everyone will sing your praises each day.

(37) Enjoyment may bring temporary pleasure, but in the end, only sorrow remains. Yoga, however, brings happiness at all times.

(38) Yoga is known by many names, but it is unique and referred to as the yoga of Brahmacharya or Niskama Karma Yoga. This yoga can lead one to become an Urdhvareta, like the touch of King Midas. Don’t give up this valuable gem in search of a shiny rock.

(39) As a practitioner, consider your body as a laboratory for practicing yoga and your soul as your teacher. Take the vow of Brahmacharya and practice Niskama Karma Yoga.

(40) Sadhakas, remember that pleasure leads to downfall while yoga leads to success. A sensual life leads to hell, while a yogic life leads to infinite achievement.

(41) The strict observance of Brahmacharya is a significant vow and the essence of a mantra. Thus, any spiritual practice without Brahmacharya is considered a failure. Brahmacharya is essential as the gods depend on it, making it a key component while other techniques are secondary.

(42) Yoga initiation requires dedicating oneself to Niskama Karma Yoga, which elevates the sexual fluids, bringing a divine glow to the forehead. Once the prana becomes elevated, the fire of yoga marks the forehead of the yogi, which is the true sign of a successful yogi. Some imitate this state by putting various marks on their foreheads.

(43) Each religion has its pilgrimage sites, but Brahmacharya is the only pilgrimage with universal appeal. Without seeking its protection, the mind cannot be purified. This pilgrimage site is where all great saints of the world go for penance and is the home of all supernatural powers and achievements.

(44) The devotee who detaches from worldly attachments can glimpse the great Lord. To achieve this, seek protection in Niskama Karma Yoga, which involves scientifically practicing the path of Brahmacharya. There is no other path to achieve God.

(45) To make this divine pilgrimage, one must use the vehicle of Brahmacharya to succeed, and this can only be achieved with God’s blessing.

(46) Sexual fluid is a valuable gem and whoever hoards it can achieve anything. If one can attain divinity through Brahmacharya, why not achieve everything the world has to offer?

(48) Practitioner, preserving sexual fluid is the principle of God. Worship God under its protection as this is the illuminated path. Don’t leave it and follow the path of darkness, leading to disappointment.

(49) Just as a boat saves people from drowning in the river or sea, these verses on Brahmacharya will save you from drowning in the ocean of worldly life.

(50) The devotee who chants these verses on Brahmacharya every day at dawn will receive divine inspiration, which is not just inspiration but the divine blessing of the kind Lord.

(51) The devotee who chants these verses on Brahmacharya every day at dawn will receive divine inspiration, which is not just inspiration but the divine blessing of the kind Lord.

(52) Nothing is unattainable in this world with divine inspiration, as inspiration is the powerful force that runs the universe.

Remember, Brahmacharya is the vow of celibacy in thought, word, and deed that leads to Self-realization or the attainment of Brahman. It requires not only control of the reproductive Indriya but also control of all senses in thought, word, and deed. Complete Brahmacharya is the key to open the door to Nirvana or perfection and the avenue to the abode of Supreme Peace.