Brahmacharya is the path to superior success and achievements in all walks of life, materialistic or spiritual. Conservation of vital fluid through semen retention allows one to achieve the impossible. Semen is the sum total of all energy and greatness within a person. Wasting this vital fluid for recreation results in losing everything, while conserving and transmuting this great essence shines like a star in every endeavor one engages in. Sexual activity serves the purpose of procreation and not recreation.

If you remain celibate for two weeks, your body goes through freedom from the regeneration of semen, which puts great stress on a person who constantly loses semen. To get a clear idea of how this works, read this book 10-15 times. Studies show that people only retain 7-10% of what they read after reading it. Therefore, repetition is the mother of skill.

Denying oneself worldly pleasures that usually result in pain is a gift that one gives to oneself. By denying these things on the path to the ultimate, one can achieve the ultimate. Pleasure serves no purpose. Denying this simple pleasure and instead using it as fuel gives you all the purpose.

Sexual energy is the source of energy that is superior to all other sources of energy in every man and woman. This energy can be used to conquer worlds, achieve goals never thought possible, and give you ultimate bliss. But if this energy is wasted, nothing is possible. Therefore, sex energy must be contained and used as fuel for the ultimate. If this energy is not contained, nothing great can be achieved.

To the man climbing the highest mountain in the world, there is no thought of wishing to have sex or masturbation. There is only the task at hand – climbing to the top of the world’s greatest mountain. No masturbation is allowed in the practice of Brahmacharya. None. Sex is not advised until you get married and want to have children. You are actively trying to achieve the ultimate goal. Sex will get in your way, drain you of vital energy, and release your supreme creativity in base ways. This energy must be channeled into the ultimate. You must use this life energy to build your great work and accomplish your great goal, whatever it is.

It is highly advised to eliminate lust from your mind. If you abstain from sex and masturbation but do not abstain from mental lust, nothing positive will happen. Your lust will force itself out in other ways. But if you eliminate lust from your mind, even temporarily, you will be astounded at the power you possess. The lust can be eliminated from the mind using your powers of thought control. And this—the replacement of following lust with walking the path of the ultimate—is Brahmacharya. When you follow this path, you will be astounded at how much you can accomplish every single day and never get tired. You will be astounded at the mental bliss you are in at all times.

It is important never to let this energy out until your goal has been accomplished. Boxers of the past knew this. They would not engage in sexual acts in the weeks leading up to a boxing match. They would do this to save their vitality and energy and release it in the boxing ring only. All great masters of the past knew the sacred strategies of Brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya, which means celibacy when unmarried and fidelity when married, is a way of life that embodies various virtuous behaviors, such as simple living, meditation, and more. The word “Brahmacharya” translates to “behavior,” which leads to “Brahman” – “The Ultimate” in Hinduism and yogic philosophy. Brahmacharya encourages behavior that leads to the divine or a higher power – The Ultimate.

The greatest gift of Brahmacharya is its ability to help you control your mind. It is not enough to be celibate in the body, but you must also eliminate lustful thoughts from your mind. This can be done by simply changing your thoughts whenever lustful ones arise. Your thoughts are within your control, and you have the power to choose what you think.

For the next 30 days, try to avoid thoughts associated with lust. At the end of the 30-day period, you can choose to return to your previous ways, or continue on the path of Brahmacharya. This will help you develop your willpower and mental energy, which are essential for achieving your goals. It is through the magic of Brahmacharya that all great things in the world were created. By sacrificing momentary pleasures, you can walk the path of the ultimate.

Think of Brahmacharya as a preparation for a contest, like a boxer preparing for a tough match. It is a way of building up your energy, so that you may use it to achieve your goals, whether it’s building a business or climbing a mountain. Incorporate Brahmacharya into your daily life, and try to follow the path for a minimum of 90 days to experience its benefits.

Most people who practice Brahmacharya are single, as it is rare for married individuals to choose this path. The number one cause of the total lack of achievement by most men in the modern world is not excessive sex, but rather, addiction to internet pornography and masturbation. These addictions can deplete your energy much more than sex ever could. The addiction to internet pornography must be eliminated if you wish to achieve anything in this life. The later chapters will describe how to achieve this.