To properly meditate, one should start by visualizing the empty space that results from closing the eyes and focusing at the ‘Thrikuti’ (in-between the eyebrows) as representing the infinite, empty Universe filled by the formless Almighty. Next, the individual should merge themselves into this infinity and think:

“I am a part of the Lord occupying this infinity and no different. I as a person, do not exist. I am the formless and all pervading, infinite Atman, completely merged in the formless Lord.”

As thoughts arise, they should be displaced and replaced with this concept. Through years of regular practice of meditation, with unbroken Brahmacharya and a life of Yoga, the meditator’s mind becomes completely empty, and the Yogi merges into the Almighty through ‘Samadhi’ (super-consciousness). At this stage, the Yogi is not even aware that they are meditating, cannot hear any sound, feel touch, etc. Their breathing and internal organs, including the heart, stop (although they cannot know this, a person observing them can). They become dead to the external world perceived through the senses, experiencing themselves as the Atman (pure soul). In this state, the Yogi expands to the infinity of the Universe, experiencing only the reality of the infinite (Almighty), extending endlessly like a limitless ocean of bliss. It cannot be described, only experienced.

This is how meditation should be carried out, and there is nothing more that needs to be done.

During Meditation, Ringing noise:

When meditating, one may experience a ringing noise, which is one of the various ‘Anahata sounds’ or sounds associated with the fourth chakra in the heart region. Other sounds associated with this chakra include the humming of a bee, the blowing of a conch, the tinkling sound of cymbals, and the sound of thunder. The occurrence of these sounds suggests the ascent of consciousness into higher planes in the metaphysical world.

These are all encouraging gestures given by God to the aspirant on the path of spiritual enlightenment. At this stage, it is important not to give too much importance to these sounds. Instead, focus your mind on the great lord during meditation. Make your mind intent on knowing the true form of God and meditate with no expectations of fulfillment of material desires. A true aspirant need not worry about the fruition of desires, for as they get closer to God, God takes care of fulfilling even the minutest of their desires. This approach will clear the path for further progress.