The modern perspective on semen and sperms, for the most part, is that they are produced and stored only in the seminal vesicles and testicles, and their discharge has no bearing on the rest of the body. This leads people to believe that they can enjoy sexual release as much as they want without any negative consequences.

Every second about 2 or 3 births happen in the world, which means semen is getting ejaculated out of many men’s body every second. For every birth of a child, usually the intercourse is required multiple times, thus usually requiring ejaculation of semen multiple times for each child that is born. The 2 or 3 births per second in the world of course do not include the intercourses with condoms, taking non-pregnancy pills and other methods, miscarriages, abortions, etc. So, lot of ejaculations happens overall for a single new birth that occurs. But obviously, ejaculation for the purpose of a childbirth is required, but other than that, men also masturbate, and many do it often.

That means, when all of the above is put together, there may be hundreds or thousands of different men, in different parts of the world, specifically where there is night, literally ejaculating semen almost every second. In total of 86,400 seconds of each day, tons of semen is thrown ‘wasted’ through masturbation. In other words, so much of energy of men gets out of body every second, every minute, every day, every year, and so on. Men are becoming weak, which may be realized only after a few centuries.

So, overall, about 2.5 billion men are probably doing this sticky job of making our Earth also sticky or ‘dirty’, may be by thousands of tons of semen every year.

This is to tell men how much the critical strength of their body and mind is wasted in masturbations. Some may object to the word – ‘wasted’ for semen, but upon understanding all the required knowledge regarding this, we should have realized by now how critical it is for men to preserve the semen within the body. We are becoming weaker by the day and don’t realize, that one of the key reasons is masturbation. It may also be possible that weaker father’s genes pass on to the child that may born negligibly weaker and same cycle continues for his next generation and so on. It may not be easy to notice until a few generations how newer generations are weaker. But if this keeps going on for centuries and eras then it can finally make men quite a lot hopeless.

Does this statistic not say how much we are weakening human lives and what the future holds for us and how genetically weak generations we are gradually building and how much of less semen strength they will have in future with lesser sperms and semen quantity in men, unless semen is protected from now itself? always remember masturbating means losing critical life energies.

Some of the most common side effects of excessive masturbation include:

  • Weak digestive system and constipation
  • Pimples, premature ejaculation, and annoying vein twitching
  • Increased susceptibility to diseases and feeling restless or sleepless
  • Burning penis and aching testicles
  • Reduction in the force of semen ejaculation and feeling empty inside
  • Slower metabolism and problems with urination
  • Longer sickness recovery time and difficulties in post-marriage life
  • Dullness in the mind and wet dreams
  • Lowering of semen smell and disappearing natural body smell
  • Itching on testicles and facial skin, pores on facial skin, and rough skin
  • Premature aging and addiction to masturbation
  • Negative effects on the seven chakras and excessive sweating
  • Thinning of the blood and reduced ability to remain positive

Even if one has masturbated a lot, or is doing it, then he doesn’t need to feel bad, there’s usually always time to recover back the lost energies, if not all, by just stopping masturbation and try not to let semen go out of the body.