Brahmacharya, or celibacy, is a crucial aspect of spiritual evolution. This is because nature requires a specific amount of energy for significant changes to occur. Just as water requires heat energy to reach 100 degrees and boil, converting into vapor, the vital energy in our bodies also undergoes a transformation with the practice of Brahmacharya.

When this energy manifests at the level of lust, it tends to move outward and downward, lowering our consciousness to an animal-like state, similar to water. However, when Brahmacharya is practiced for 12 years without interruption, the vital energy manifests at higher levels of creativity and spiritual bliss, moving inward and upward, comparable to vapor. This change is akin to heating water to its boiling point and transforming it into vapor.

The 12 years of continuous Brahmacharya is crucial as it leads to a spiritual state of bliss that is superior to lustful pleasure. When the Kundalini reaches the 5th or higher energy centers, the mind loses interest in lustful pleasure and is established in effortless celibacy. Until this point, the mind may still feel some attraction towards lustful pleasure, making it prone to breaking the Brahmacharya practice and starting the process all over again.

The science of Kundalini, also known as the energy centers, plays a crucial role in understanding Brahmacharya. Kundalini is the most refined form of vital energy in every being and guides its physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. Humans have the freedom to guide the activity of Kundalini through conscious evolution and self-effort.

Kundalini can be activated through deep concentration on creative activities like art, music, and technology, but this activation is only partial and does not lead to enlightenment. Regular yoga practice, eliminating impure thoughts, speech, and actions, is essential to activate Kundalini and reach the 5th center, leading to perfect Brahmacharya. In this state, even reproductive elements stop being produced, and nocturnal loss ceases completely. This stage is irreversible, and one can only rise higher from the 5th center.

However, before reaching the 5th center, Kundalini keeps moving between the lower and 4th centers, depending on the level of Brahmacharya. If Brahmacharya is broken, Kundalini falls to the lower centers and requires a significant effort to reach the 5th center again. The practice of absolute Brahmacharya is a Himalayan task, but the reward is an irreversible state of peace and bliss in all situations.

In conclusion, the practice of 12 years of Brahmacharya is crucial for spiritual evolution and reaching a state of permanent peace and bliss. Understanding the science of Kundalini and the role it plays in this process is essential for clarity and proper understanding.