The Transformation of Seminal Fluid

Meditation has the power to transmute the sexual fluid, referred to as “Rethas,” into “Ojas.” An individual who has achieved the state of “Urdhvareta” (a Sanskrit term meaning “one who has taken their transmuted sexual fluid upwards”) no longer produces physical semen and instead stores their “Bindu” (seed) as “Amrit” in the brain. However, for those who have not yet become an Urdhvareta, a combination of physical and mental activity along with meditation is necessary to attain the state of Ojas. Otherwise, a portion of the semen will be expelled.

Contrary to popular belief, having a larger amount of Ojas does not necessarily equate to having more spiritual power. Ojas is simply the gross creative power in a subtle form. Similarly, an increase in semen does not necessarily result in a corresponding increase in Ojas. It’s a matter of moderation and balance. This concept can be compared to the consumption of calories. Consuming ten times or even a hundred times the recommended caloric intake does not necessarily lead to tenfold or hundredfold increase in health, strength, or muscle mass. The same principle applies to semen – only a portion of it can be transformed into Ojas. Overindulging in food can result in excessive semen production, which leads to a loss of Bindu and subsequent debility. This is why yogis practice moderation in diet, known as “Mitahara.”

It is a common misconception that more sense stimuli result in more Ojas. On the contrary, sense stimuli can produce desire, which triggers semen to enter the “ejaculatory mode.” When this happens, the semen cannot be converted into Ojas and will be expelled as Rethas in its gross form. This is why it’s important to avoid sense stimuli. An individual cannot become an Urdhvareta as long as their mind is consumed by sexual desire.

Any physical or mental health deviations or diseases are a result of past negative karma. The practice of Brahmacharya, or celibacy, is a journey back to the divine and has the power to undo negative karma. However, depending on the extent of negative karma, this process may take time. We are all aspirants who have only recently begun our journey towards Brahmacharya, while we have been indulging in ignorance for a long time. It takes time and effort to undo past karmas, but it is achievable with persistence and dedication.