Man, the king of all animals, still crawls in the dust and mire of ignorance, and even his own boasted knowledge often turns into bites and wounds that weaken him. At times, it even destroys him. Knowledge of evil without the antidote of understanding its negative and destructive influence is a curse. Knowledge of momentary pleasure from sexual indulgences without understanding their terrible and harmful effects, under certain unnatural conditions, is one of the greatest causes of physical weakness, pain, unhappiness, and disease.

The burning passion of a patriot, the intense ambition of an enthusiast, the inspiration for noble acts of courage, and the sacrificial spirit that has caused the world to praise heroes all stem from the same nervous energy that powers semen, manhood. Nearly every famous man in literature, art, or science will possess evidence of strong masculinity. The seminal energy necessary for their immense labors was the same power that controlled their sexual instinct.

The significance of strong sexual powers cannot be overemphasized. Their influence on life is remarkable. If a healthy and vigorous man develops a condition that weakens his sexual organs, his overall powers will begin to decline. His muscles will grow weaker, his nerves will be affected, and unless changes are made quickly, he will become a physical wreck. The nervous, sexual, muscular, and vital forces are so interrelated that what affects one influences the others. The more the muscles are developed and strengthened, the more favorably the nervous and other powers are influenced. The nervous forces rely on a normal circulation of blood for sustenance, and muscular exercise is necessary for the functional activity of the circulatory system.

The mental influence of a strong sexual instinct is seen in all male animals and men. It elevates and thrills with energy and power, and there can be no question that strength in this aspect gives a man more power in all walks of life. A man’s sexual power accurately reflects his general physical and mental condition. It is the hallmark of physical and spiritual life. Every adult male’s first duty is to be a man. All other requirements should be secondary to this. Strong manhood is the foundation upon which education and refined life experiences must rest.

In other words, if you do not possess strong manhood, your top priority should be acquiring it, even if it means sacrificing other purposes in life temporarily. If you are not a man, you are nothing but insignificant. Your powers and capacities will be limited by your weakened condition.

Sexuality has been strongly marked in all great men who have achieved greatness in all walks of life. Without it, man would be mean, selfish, corrupt, rude to his fellow men, and disrespectful to women. God has implanted this nature in us so that man will desire to provide for others and enter relationships that may impose the necessity of supporting a family of growing children. No man becomes friendly, attractive, and considerate to women until his sexual nature awakens and he is held under proper discipline and control, making him a noble and unselfish person.