For individuals pursuing growth through Brahmacharya or semen retention, it is crucial to abstain from any interaction with women in the initial stages until the mind becomes immune to stimuli. It is crucial to understand that old habits and past experiences associated with the opposite sex are stored in the subconscious and can easily trigger a response. A few months of celibacy may not be enough to overcome these deep-rooted tendencies.

It is important to remember that even in advanced celibates, the sexual sensation remains dormant and latent until one reaches self-realization. Abstaining from contact with the senses may weaken these tendencies, but the seeds of sexuality remain present and can easily resurface under favorable conditions. It is for this reason that a celibate who wishes to fully overcome lust is advised to maintain a life of purity in thoughts, words, and actions for at least 12 years, after which he can achieve self-realization and see the vision of God. After reaching this state, the individual is immune to relapse as the seeds of sexuality have been roasted and have lost their power. However, any break from celibacy resets the process, and the individual must start over.

Wet dreams are a sign of inconsistent efforts and a call to strive harder and remain focused. To prevent such tendencies, it is important to be ever vigilant and not allow sexual thoughts to grow. The moment such thoughts arise, it is crucial to divert the mind towards other pursuits. Remember that the apparent physical beauty of a woman is a delusion and can trigger sexual feelings. Keep this tendency in check and with persistence, discipline, and devotion to God, success can be achieved.