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Unlocking The Nofap Benefits(Semen Retention)

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During the initial period of NoFap or Brahmacharya, it is advisable to avoid spending time at get-togethering’s, social parties or events, gatherings of people in general as the mind being vulnerable and susceptible to worldly affairs, sensual vibrations easily get affected, thereby losing its stability and control. Such an affected mind then becomes prone to the attack of lust, anger, and attachment very easily. This makes the practice of Brahmacharya very difficult and might even lead to a break. Hence those who are serious in the practice of Brahmacharya and intend to attain to a high state of attainments and self-realization always limit their interactions with people to the bare minimum. If avoiding the gathering altogether is not possible, one should make a brief visit and leave at the earliest.

The vibrations and energy given out by worldly and sensual people do not sync with the Nofap Practitioners and are dangerous to his practice. Further to Practice of Brahmacharya, the level of Prana or the life force within the Man gradually increases day by day. Associating with the company of non-Practitioners results in loss of ‘Prana Shakthi’ or Vital energy and Ojas as Prana (life force) has the tendency to flow from a region of higher concentration to lower concentration. It gets drawn and drained out of the Man further to contact with non-Practitioners who are low on life force and high on sexuality.

Transmutation of semen into Ojas leads to Tejas (the luster) in the face and body of the Practicing Man. It is Tejas or the luster which is responsible for the glow and radiance emanating from one who is transmuting his vital fluid or Virya(Semen). Tejas (the luster) makes the Man appear very attractive. Women respond with attraction and men with jealousy. Both these reactions are dangerous as they result in loss of Prana or the loss of vital energy. For this reason, a man during his initial years should limit his external contact to necessity and not more. Interaction with people should be restricted to the minimum.

Growing one’s beard and moustache is another very effective way of preventing loss of Ojas (life force) occurring from the negative ‘look’ given by people. It is the natural mechanism provided by God to protect oneself from loss of Ojas. A man with a beard and moustache becomes very less prone and less susceptible to emotional instability, irritability, and sensual stress. Hairs in the beard and moustache are designed by the creator(God) to prevent Ojas (divine energy) from flowing out of the body. It becomes easier to break free of wet/bad dreams and reach the status of an Urdhvareta (An Urdhvareta man is one in whom the seminal energy has flown upwards into the brain as Ojas shakti or the divine energy). Brahmacharya becomes easier as the tendency to lose vital fluid (Virya) vanishes very effectively further to the growth of a beard and moustache. For this reason, all ancient monks, Rishis, and Yogis never cut their hair, beard, or moustaches. Hair which had grown long was tied in the form of a ‘Rishi knot’ at the top of the head which corresponds to the region of the ‘Brahmarandhra’ (opening of the Brahman at the Sahasrara chakra).

One should develop indifference as regards what people think or don’t think. Let people act as they want to, the Man should maintain his steadiness knowing fully well that the world is all illusion and not real. He should develop the ability of being unaffected by the opinions and behavior of people. The successful practitioner is quiet, calm, non-interfering, and non-reacting to his surroundings. His mind is riveted to the Brahman (Almighty) and is convinced that the world is false. With such an attitude of limited interaction should the man develop indifference to attacks from people who are under the grip of illusion. One should stay inwardly calm and serene and not wish bad even when people ridicule, mock and rebuke. That which one does to another is doing it to oneself. A man who rebukes or abuses another is abusing his very own self, for the Atman (the pure self) is one and the same in all creatures. It is the Brahman (Almighty) himself. So let those who indulge in negative actions be ignored, for what they do always comes back to them in the form of karma which always teaches a lesson. We need not worry the least. The laws made by the God always work with precision and accuracy. Our job is to stay tranquil and unaffected by forgiving and wishing good to even those who abuse or hate us.

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As I said, the vibrations and energy given out by worldly and sensual people do not sync with the NoFap Practitioner or a Brahmachari Man and are dangerous to his practice. people in general as the mind being vulnerable and susceptible to worldly affairs, sensual vibrations easily get affected, thereby losing its stability and control. as a result they become angry and lustful very easily. In the ancient times, the monks and Yogis who succumbed to anger or lust paid a heavy price for their emotion by losing the Prana (life force) and Ojas (divine energy) they had gained through many years and decades of austerity. It resulted in destruction of austerity. Their anger stemmed from the growth of ego ignited by residual ignorance. They had not yet attained to the state of self-realization at that point of time.

The story of Sage Durvasa is an example to show the fallacy of ego and anger. Another example is that of Sage Vishwamitra who was known to be egoistic and of a very hot temperament. He lost the power of many thousands of years of Tapas and had to restart from the scratch further to the episode with the celestial damsel Menaka (a beautiful woman from heaven). This was due to the presence of a strong ego. Vishwamitra, one of the most respected and revered sages in ancient India, frightened the gods and even tried to create another heaven – Indra, frightened by his powers, sent Menaka from heaven to earth to lure him and break his meditation. Menaka successfully incited Vishwamitra’s lust and passion when he saw her beauty. She succeeded in breaking the meditation of Vishwamitra. However, she fell in genuine love with him, and a baby was born to them who later grew in Sage Kanva’s ashram and came to be called Shakuntala. Later Shakuntala falls in love with King Dushyant and gives birth to a child called Bharata after whom India was first named.

Anger is lust and lust is anger. Each is another form of the other. The presence of one always leads to growth of the other. It is God who is the doer and not us. We are his mediums alone. How can anger or jealousy grow when one reminds himself of this fact at the time of weakness? Humility, modesty, kindness, politeness, and forgiveness are the marks of the Brahmacharya(Nofap) Practitioner which also act as his protective shields. Such a man is respected and well attended wherever he goes. It is only the foolish and unwise who resort to the dictations of their ego without paying heed to wisdom. Knowing this, the wise Practitioner should stay focused on his Sadhana (the practice), unaffected with what happens around him through reminding himself that it is all illusion and unreal.



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