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Socrates on Semen Retention(nofap)


“If you ejaculate everyday then Dig a grave and purchase a coffin and winding sheet for the corpse beforehand. Now you can spoil yourself any number of times you like. This is my final advice to you if you don’t listen to me, losing semen frequently cause an early death.”- Socrates

Two thousand four hundred years ago, one man tried to discover the meaning of life. His search was so radical, charismatic and counterintuitive that he become famous throughout the Mediterranean. Men – particularly young men – flocked to hear him speak. Some were inspired to imitate his ascetic habits.

Socrates was a Greek philosopher and is considered the father of western philosophy. Plato was his most famous student and would teach Aristotle who would then tutor Alexander the Great. By this progression, Greek philosophy, as first developed by Socrates, was spread throughout the known world during Alexander’s conquests. Socrates’ main focus was on how to live a good and virtuous life

One of the disciples of Socrates (a great Greek philosopher) asked his teacher:

“My Venerable Master, kindly instruct me how many times a house-holder can have “SEX” with his legal wife?”

Socrates replied, “Only once in his life time.”

The disciple said,” Oh my Teacher! This is absolutely impossible for worldly men, kindly prescribe an easy path.”

Then Socrates said, “A house-holder can have “SEX”once in a year.”

The disciple replied, “O Venerable Sir, this is also a hard job for them. You must prescribe an easier course.”

Socrates then replied, “Well, my dear disciple, once in a month. This is suitable. This is quite easy. I think you are satisfied now.”

The disciple said, “This also is impossible, my revere master. Householders are very fickle-minded. Please prescribe an easier course.”

Socrates said, “Twice in a month. But this will cause an early death.”

The disciple said, “This also is impossible, for they cannot remain for a single day without sexual intercourse.”

Then Socrates- said, “Well said, my dear child. Do one thing now. Dig a grave and purchase a coffin and winding sheet for the corpse before hand. Now you can spoil yourself any number of times you like. This is my final advice to you.”

This last advice pierced the heart of the disciple. He thought over the matter seriously and understood the importance and glory of Brahmacharya. He took to spiritual Sadhana in right earnest and attained Self-realization.

If someone wishes to lose his vigour through sexual indulgence and degrade himself, then he must at least bear in mind the advice given by the great Greek philosopher Socrates in THIS conversation. Socrates’ advice should be a great message for all the Modern MEN.

The one who wastes his semen for sexual pleasure, attains only despair, weakness and finally death. Modern science says “various kinds of diseases arise from the loss of semen like weaknesses, palpitation of the heart, difficulty in breathing, pain in the back, head and joints, weak kidneys, drowsiness, lack of thinking power & restlessness of the mind. Priceless human life is wasted in sexual indulgence, but sexual desires are never satiated”.

Socrates was condemned to death for his Socratic method of questioning about life and he died for his own beliefs and convicted of corrupting the youth of Athens and introducing strange gods, and has been sentenced to die by drinking poison hemlock.

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