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Nofap Tip: Don’t eat outside


How does it feel to sit at a table and be affectionately served by one’s mother?

The experience cannot be equaled in any other manner. Why is this? What is the governing factor behind the taste, hygiene and wholeness behind food cooked at home? The answer would be that the very energies, intentions and vibrations of the true love and affection that a mother/wife or a family member feels for his/her child get transferred to the food as an important ingredient! The best cuisine available at a very elite restaurant does not have this ingredient.

If a lady of the house cooks food with the loving and very genuine intention of welfare of her people, a part of her ‘Prana’ or vital energy flows out of her and enters the food that she cooks. Just as we can sense if a person has feelings of love or hatred towards us through the vibrations and attitude given out by a person even without verbal communication, ‘Prana’ can transfer from person to person and from the cook to the food. Food cooked at a restaurant by a commercial chef is prepared with a business-like attitude devoid of emotions. It might be polluted with negative energy based on the nature of the person who prepared it. Eating such food ‘contaminated’ by negative energy most often leads to illness. Besides, food prepared at commercial outlets is high on additives/essences/colors and other chemicals which invariably cause deterioration of health.

For the NoFap and Brahmacharya Practitioner, flushing out of toxins within his body and ensuring ‘new’ toxins via these additives do not re-enter his body is of much importance. Keeping all these factors in mind, it would be best to avoid outside food to the best extent possible and commit oneself to food prepared at home.

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