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Does Nofap or Semen Retention increase the body heat?


Yes, it certainly does. When a celibate(nofap practitioner) indulges in Yogasana and meditation upon God, thereby transmuting his Rethas (semen) into Ojas, the vast amount of energy which was formerly dissipated due to loss of semen now gets converted to energy and heat. This results in increased strength, energy, vitality, and cheer. Further, Ojas which is called the “Divine nectar” has the power of annihilating all decay, disease, and degeneration at the physical and mental level. A true Brahmachari(practitioner) seldom falls ill and even if he does due to some past negative karma, will recover in no time. This will explain your lack of need for extra warm clothing and no illness.

Also, in a Brahmachari(nofap practitioner) who has converted his Rethas into Ojas, the face starts becoming more and more red in colour. This is further to semen being converted into heat.

Many men have the tendency for cough and tonsillitis before the onset of celibacy(semen retention). The slightest change in weather gives them sore throat. All these irregularities disappeared after a few months of Nofap and Brahmacharya.

Best Solution:

Take cold water shower daily! While your body is as warm as the rays of the sun. A cold-water bath is very useful to the Brahmachari for the following reasons:

  • It kills passion and lustful thoughts
  • It regulates the excess heat produced
  • Cold water has immense ‘Pranic energy’ or natural cosmic energy filled by Mother Nature. When you heat water, this gets destroyed.

Gradually reduce the temperature of shower water over a period (say one month) till it equals atmospheric temperature and tell me the difference in your life of Brahmacharya.

Cold water has the tendency to negate lustful heat in the body and enrich the body with positive cosmic energy.

Tingling sensation in the crown:

The crown of the head represents the ‘Sahasrara chakra’ or the thousand petaled lotus. It is the highest and most divine chakra in the human body, and the seat of union of consciousness with the almighty. A tingling sensation here generally occurs to the aspirant during the initial stages of ascent of consciousness to higher planes. There is nothing to worry about. You should continue your practices. With time, things will stabilize, and you will develop harmonisation.

One of the signs of an Urdhvareta is his uncanny ability to be indifferent to the extremes of heat and cold, pain and pleasure and in general to the dualities of life. The mind becomes so strong and receptive to your commands that you will be able to withdraw your mind from the sense of heat, cold, pain etc… at your will.


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