Masturbation Without Ejaculation

Masturbation is firstly an unnatural act that leads to frustration and problems. The purpose of the sexual act is procreation...

How to pick the Right Wife While practising Semen Retention(Brahmacharya Or Nofap)

Hello My friendly friends, This article is very important for you if you are not married yet or going to get...

Nofap Tip: Don’t eat outside

How does it feel to sit at a table and be affectionately served by one's mother? The experience cannot be equaled...
nofap benefits photo

Unlocking The Nofap Benefits(Semen Retention)

During the initial period of NoFap or Brahmacharya, it is advisable to avoid spending time at get-togethering’s, social parties or...
nofap beard

The Benefits of growing hair and beard on Semen Retention(Nofap)

“God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another”- Shakespeare Many of you will give me an excuse "But...

Socrates on Semen Retention(nofap)

“If you ejaculate everyday then Dig a grave and purchase a coffin and winding sheet for the corpse beforehand. Now...
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Nofap(Semen Retention) benefits after the age of 35

There is no age bar to a man or woman genuinely interested in getting into a life of Semen Retention....
Brahmacharya Meditation

An Introduction to Semen Retention(Brahmacharya)

Literally speaking the word 'Brahmacharya' is a compound Sanskrit word which can be split as 'Brahmani Charyathey iti'. The word...
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Power of Semen Retention(Nofap Benefits)

Brahmacharya is the gateway to superior success and accomplishments in every walk and field of life be it materialistic or...
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Brahmacharya: The Path of the Ultimate

A man is climbing mount Everest. He has prepared for this moment for all his life. He has sacrificed everything to get...

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