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Can we get Nofap(Semen Retention) benefits after the Age of 35?


There is no age bar to a man or lady genuinely interested in getting into a life of Semen Retention(Brahmacharya). While sooner is always the better, better be late than never. Scriptures recommend a start age around 32-34 as the upper limit to achieve maximum benefits.

This is further to the fact that the best sperm and vitality are within man unto this age. Beyond this age, the quality of the seed in a normal man starts to deteriorate. By transmuting the best of his vitality available during this period with unbroken celibacy for a period of 12 years, he can achieve the impossible.

There are many instances of people in history who became celibates even beyond this age and yet achieved spectacular name, fame, and self-realization. An age around 35 is still close enough for notable growth. So, by all means should you get into being a celibate at the earliest.

Semen Retention or “Brahmacharya” is man’s journey back to divinity and purity. It is immaterial of one’s age and gender. While the ill effects of uncontrolled sexuality no doubt take a big toll at the physical, mental, and karmic level with time, there is no better cure and hope than Semen Retention. Semen Retention alone is the cure in the path of undoing one’s wrongs. You have taken the first right decision in showing interest in chastity.

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