The Role of the Five Senses in Sexual Desire

Have you ever considered that a man can lose energy through the sense of sight, even if he doesn’t engage in sexual activity? Our perceptions of the world around us are solely dependent on our five senses:

  • Eyes – sight
  • Nose – smell
  • Tongue – taste
  • Ear – sound
  • Skin – touch

Lustful thoughts enter our minds through one or more of these senses. It is not possible to experience sexual sensation without stimulation of at least one of these senses. So, when you gaze at something lustful, your eyes transmit that sensation to your mind, leading to lustful thoughts. These thoughts then activate the sexual organs. For a person committed to celibacy, such lustful thoughts can lead to mental and emotional turmoil, which can make them feel “dirty.” This can also result in a loss of energy, similar to how we feel when we get angry. Although this loss is not as significant as that from semen loss, a buildup of these thoughts can eventually lead to a wet dream.

With discipline, regular yoga or exercise, and prayer, one can make progress towards their goal. It’s crucial to avoid anything that stimulates the sexual plane through the senses mentioned above. This means avoiding sights, smells, foods, sounds, and physical touch that activate sexual desire. With each passing day, you will notice an improvement in your mental and emotional state and an increase in energy. After 12 years of strict celibacy (excluding the occasional wet dream), it is said that a person can achieve superhuman powers, an incomparable bliss, and even the vision of God if they so desire. They will also have the power of total recall, which means they will have an exceptional memory and the ability to recall anything they wish. These are just a few of the countless benefits that can be achieved through celibacy. But the journey towards this goal is equally rewarding and grows more blissful with every day of honest celibacy.