The Path to Increased Divine Power:

When a person reacts to stimuli with desire, it creates semen in their body. In a celibate person, the semen produced is limited and serves the purpose of rejuvenating the body, developing a keen intellect, and helping with spiritual growth. Ancient sage believes that meditation on the divine can transmute semen into a higher form of energy called “Ojas.” The more “Ojas” a person has, the more spiritual power they have. However, it’s not the amount of semen that determines the amount of “Ojas.” Instead, it’s a result of moderation in diet and avoiding sense stimuli.

Sensory Stimuli Fuel Desire:

Humans tend to react to stimuli with desire until they reach mastery. This instinctive reaction is a result of their previous experiences and actions, often referred to as “karma.”

Semen Production:

Desire-driven reactions trigger the release of semen. In a Brahmachari (celibate), semen production is limited to fulfilling three key functions beyond reproduction:

  • Revitalizing and rejuvenating the physical body
  • Enhancing intellectual capabilities
  • Aiding in spiritual growth and self-realization.

However, in a non-Brahmachari, most of the semen is released without serving these purposes.

Transmutation through Meditation:

Meditation on the divine can transform semen into a higher energy form, known as Ojas (Divine Power). When a person becomes an Urdhvareta (one who has transmuted his sexual energy into the brain), physical semen production stops and the seed (Bindu) is retained as “Amrit” in the brain region. This state of Ojas can be achieved through adequate physical and mental activity along with meditation. However, if an aspirant fails to do so, semen will continue to flow out.

Ojas and Spiritual Power:

The more Ojas a person has, the greater their spiritual power. Ojas is essentially the gross creative power in a subtle form.

The idea that more semen equals more “Ojas” (Divine Power) is not necessarily true. Just like consuming more food than what is needed for a healthy body won’t increase health and strength tenfold or hundred-fold, having more semen won’t necessarily result in more “Ojas.” Only a portion of semen can be converted to “Ojas” after fulfilling other functions. Overconsumption can lead to excessive semen production and result in decreased power.

Sensory stimuli can cause desire, which in turn produces semen. But when semen is in the ejaculatory mode, it can no longer be converted to “Ojas.” That’s why those seeking to increase their spiritual power are encouraged to avoid sensory stimuli and sexual desires. Only when the mind is not consumed by these desires can one become an “Urdhvareta” and achieve the state of “Ojas.