The Importance of Choosing Right Company

Many individuals fall into the trap of negative thoughts, actions, and speech, believing that they bring joy. This is a result of “Avidya” or an illusion of the senses. These individuals are drawn to stimuli that ultimately lead to a cycle of desire, taking them deeper into a life of sin.

For those who are serious about their spiritual growth, it is important to steer clear of such individuals and their influence. Surrounding oneself with negative people and negative energy can disrupt one’s pursuit of celibacy.

Think of it this way: If milk is mixed with water, it completely dissolves without distinction. However, if that milk is turned into yogurt, then into butter, and finally placed in water, it will float, not mix. As beginners in the path of celibacy, we are like the milk, and bad company and temptations are like the water. Until we reach the state of butter, we must remain vigilant and stay away from negative influences.

If you feel discomfort or offense when in the company of those who lead a life of negativity, consider it a positive sign of your progress in the pursuit of purity. Maintain this attitude and work towards a life of celibacy without any setbacks. When you meet your soulmate, someone who is in sync with your spiritual growth, you will be able to bring forth special and talented offspring, and continue on the path of celibacy together.

It is important to view your partner as the manifestation of the divine in human form. The soul, beyond the mind, body, intellect, and consciousness, is the essence of God. When you see the divine in your partner, you will be able to experience a spiritual connection that brings happiness and growth. If you are not married, the best approach is to fall in love with the soul of your partner, rather than just their physical form. Best wishes on your journey of celibacy.