The Hidden Dangers of Masturbation

Masturbation is an unnatural act of releasing reproductive elements. The main purpose of sexual activity is for procreation and nothing else. With masturbation, a person drifts further into delusion and ignorance. With every act of masturbation, they invest more of their faith into a concept that lacks substance. The act leads to fantasies, imagination, and a descent into nothingness, which can result in psychological consequences.

The physical side effects of masturbation, with each artificial release of sperm, weaken and destabilize the vital energy (Prana). Prana is the essence of all thoughts, energy, and consciousness, and is the direct manifestation of the soul’s energy. A person is alive as long as their soul remains within them. When the soul departs, the result is a dead body. With every act of semen wastage, a fraction of their soul is lost. This is why one may feel tired, weak, and lifeless after ejaculation, and experience burning eyes, loss of energy, and irritation. A long-term lifestyle of this kind can lead to weakened vital organs, spine, and brain, and premature aging. Semen contains high amounts of cerebrospinal fluid, which is used to make the brain and spine. Constant loss of semen weakens the spine and brain, leading to back pain problems in many people. Mental faculties like memory, concentration, and determination also decrease and eventually disappear. In contrast, a few months of celibacy can cure most health and back-related problems, and make a person cheerful, energetic, and positive. True celibates rarely, if ever, suffer from any diseases or debilities, due to their high immunity and resistance that develops from reabsorbing vital fluid.

A person who converts their seminal energy into ‘Ojas’ has a beautiful complexion, sparkling eyes, shining cheeks, and an attractive personality. On the other hand, the loss of semen through masturbation or other means has the opposite effect. The loss of vital power makes the face look drawn, weak, and dull, causing unattractiveness. The positive effects of celibacy, also known as Brahmacharya, cannot be fully described. A true Brahmachari attracts vast amounts of universal, divine cosmic energy and is in perfect sync with the universal cosmic energy. Nature works with and for them, leading to perfect harmony in all aspects of life. They rarely, if ever, experience trouble, as everything seems to go smoothly. They excel in everything they undertake and leave a great impression wherever they go, earning respect and consideration from even wicked people. A true Brahmachari doesn’t need to use cunning, guile, manipulation, or dominance to succeed in the world, as the presence of divine energy within them earns respect and consideration from others.

We suggest everyone who reads this to lead a life of true celibacy in thought, word, and deed for a few months, and experience the truth behind the wonderful experience of Brahmacharya.

Techniques to Overcome Addiction to Pornography and Masturbation

It’s commendable to acknowledge the negative impact of porn and sexuality. The saying “better late than never” applies to celibacy and purity as well. Let’s focus on the problem at hand.

The goal of overcoming this addiction requires a multi-faceted approach to defeat our deceptive senses. Here are some tips you can implement:

STEP 1: Engage in Creative Activities to Keep Your Mind Occupied:

People who have free time are more likely to indulge in porn and masturbation. To avoid this, keep yourself occupied with productive and creative activities. If you have a job, fully commit yourself to work during work hours. Don’t let your mind wander towards the opposite sex. Be strict and firm in enforcing this. Stay alert against the temptations of your senses. Focus on your job and create something valuable for yourself and those close to you. Keeping your mind occupied with meaningful pursuits is the best way to prevent lust from taking hold.

STEP 2: Incorporate Physical Exercise:

Incorporate moderate physical exercise or play a sport you enjoy early in the morning for at least an hour. Physical activity converts sexual energy into physical health and strength. When you feel strong and energetic, the idea of filthy sexuality will seem repulsive. Pornography and masturbation are the worst forms of artificial and degenerative sexuality. Keep in mind the negative effects whenever you feel tempted towards porn.

STEP 3: Use Blockers and Filters:

Install a strong internet content blocker and filter on your device. If necessary, ask your partner to choose the password and not reveal it to you, to prevent access to harmful sites. Make your computer a tool for accessing material related to spirituality and well-being, and let it be the gateway to freedom from porn.

STEP 4: Cultivate True Love for Your Partner:

Remember that the people close to us in life are special gifts from God meant to enrich our lives. Your partner is a manifestation of God in human form, serving, talking, smiling and being there for you. Think about the love, affection, concern, and understanding they show you. Is it right to be selfish and ignore such a person? Focus on bringing happiness to your partner through true love and attention. True love is not based on physical beauty. The physical appearance of a person is an illusion, like a mirage. A person addicted to sexuality cannot be a good human being. First, they do injustice to themselves by feeding the fire of lust. Direct your energy towards being a good partner and a good person.

STEP 5: Pray to God:

Set aside time each day to meditate on God. After meditation, pray to God sincerely and with the innocence of a child, asking for redemption from all ills. Turn to the divine for help.